We just launched a Partner Program for companies wishing to work with us and our security solutions. Through the Partner Program, you may be registered as official integrator and provide our solutions to your customers, and/or by entering our partner agreements, you may distribute our Enterprise solutions to your customers.

simple_samlRCDevs released one SimpleSAML plugin for OpenOTP and one for TiQR. SAML is an authentication framework providing federation and single-sign on. The RCDevs plugins provides SAML Identity Provider (IDP) with both Shibboleth and SAML 2.0 and can be used with Google Apps or any web application supporting SAML federation.

RCDevs partnered with SurfNet for the TiQR project. RCDevs integrates TiQR support in its server solution, providing simple integration with appliances and software packages, self-registration, etc…, TiQR has been integrated in RCDevs OpenID Server and a PAM plugin for OpenSSH. Third-party web software integrations will come soon.

RCDevs is registered as OATH Contributor. The Initiative for Open AuTHentication (OATH) is the industry’s leading collaboration of device, platform and application companies, and end user customers of authentication technologies. OATH participants work collectively to facilitate standards and build a reference architecture for open authentication. For more about OATH, go to www.openauthentication.org.

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