RCDevs SA, a Luxembourg based enterprise authentication company and Feitian Technologies (SZSE: 300386), the leading supplier of user authentication and transaction security devices, today announced a partnership to provide combined solutions to secure Enterprise access.

VERIZON 2018 Breach Report continued on highlight of the 2017 report, that majority of reported incidents leveraged from stolen or compromised passwords. Cyber criminals continued to find path of least resistance to their target, that path or weakest link being corporate services requiring only single factor. With number of incidents growing year-on-year, securing access in today’s hybrid enterprise is imperative in achieving a mature risk posture.

The RCDevs/Feitian Technologies partnership aims to directly reduce risks caused by compromised passwords.

RCDevs and Feitian Technologies cooperation allows companies to leverage security of Feitian OTPs, PKI and FIDO U2F / Fido 2 devices throughout the enterprise authentication landscape, ensuring compliance and reducing risk of compromised access. 

Combination of RCDevs continuous drive to innovate and support latest authentication standards and Feitian strong experience in manufacturing high quality authentication devices marks a guarantee of an all-encompassing authentication solution that provides best in class form factors at an affordable cost, now and in the future.

RCDevs and Feitian alliance purpose is to respond to the present and future needs of our customers. It is crucial nowadays to propose turn key solutions with expertise delivered quickly that adapts to fast moving ecosystems driven by increased needs in mobility

said Huang Yu, CEO of Feitian Technologies. 

RCDevs partnership with Feitian is a great opportunity for us to be able to offer to our clients complete authentication solutions including devices featuring latest industry standard form factors such as FIDO2

said Charly Rohart, Founder and CEO of RCDevs.

Feitian website: https://www.ftsafe.com

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RCDevs will be present at Infosecurity Belgium Expo on March 20 & 21 2019. Interested in meeting RCDevs and discovering RCDevs powerful products? Just register and join RCDevs team at booth A090 to share nice moments!

RCDevs has released a new OpenOTP version supporting the FIDO2 authentication standard in addition to the previously supported FIDO1/U2F.
FIDO2 builds on and improves U2F by incorporating the World Wide Web Consortium’s (W3C) webAuthn standard. This will further improve the  browser compatibility and provide support for PIN codes, biometric identification and password-less login.

Meeting partners and clients at RCDevs Afterwork. RCDevs CEO Charly Rohart giving a presentation to a full house on latest trends in of Multi-Factor Authentication – logging into Macbook with OpenOTP Token and proximity access over bluetooth drawing attention.

As a proof of ongoing work towards becoming industry leader in supporting open authentication standards, RCDevs is now proud to announce support for FIDO2 in its awards winning OpenOTP MFA platform. With FIDO2 RCDevs continues on it’s disruptive approach of providing strong authentication as free, for any small business and best in class affordable MFA for businesses of all sizes. With OpenOTP companies can leverage and enjoy the unique advantage of enterprise wide FIDO2 authentication, covering every corner of MFA, from corporate O365 and remote users to desktop login and privileged access.

If you like to start with FIDO2 today, visit rcdevs.com and get your best in class FIDO2 compliant MFA platform for free.

RCDevs has rapidly grown its reputation in Luxembourg in the last year and concluded many local deals in various sectors. This includes several European institutions, banks, investment funds and major government / public sector services.
RCDevs partnered with local service providers like Telindus and Excellium which also provide OpenOTP and SpanKey solutions to their own customers requiring Enterprise MFA and IAM solutions.
In the rest of the world, RCDevs acquired thousands customers and in more than 40 countries, including several fortune 500 companies. Our customers’ size scales from hundreds to hundred-thousands of users and cover various sectors and industries.

The new RCDevs’ SpanKey solution is now ready for sale (https://www.rcdevs.com/store)! SpanKey is a client-server solution which provides seamless AD accounts’ integration into your Linux environments, SSH access without key distribution and user session recording. SpanKey is licensed per server and packages are sold on RCDevs’ webstore or by contacting RCDevs sales. A 50% discount is offered for OpenOTP customers.

Our SpanKey2 main features are:
– Super easy setup (1 minute on a blank Linux host)
– AD accounts in Linux (no more PAM-LDAP or Winbind)
– SSH access (with offlinecapabilities)
– Host access permissions with simple server tagging
– Support for shared accounts (conserving personal audit)
– Graphical session recording in an encrypted DB or NAS
– Automatic account creation and temporary accounts
– Optional multi-factor login with RCDevs Push
– User enrolment via self-services
– Automatic SSH key expiration and renewal via email/sms
– Support for Hardware PIV keys and smatcards.
– Supported on most Linus distributions

Our next release will includes:
– Full MFA support (with challenge response and Hardware Tokens)
– Idle session detection and unlocking with AD domain password
– Sudo replacement (with on-the-fly system owner(s) validation via mobile push)
– Session sharing for collaborative work.

With SpanKey companies can gain control on all SSH key based access, with just one central entitlement storage: the already existing AD/LDAP. Simple, transparent and hassle-free. For more information visit https://www.rcdevs.com/solutions/ssh-key-management/

RCDevs extended its solution portfolio with MFA-VPN, a small-to-medium-business VPN server appliance for OpenOTP. MFA-VPN is easy to setup and provides secure remote access for your Active Directory or LDAP users, with pre-included multi-factor features like mobile Push Login (One-Tap login) and Universal Second Factor (FIDO-U2F).

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