Feitian c100 - c200 Tokens with OpenOTP
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How To use Feitian c100/c200 Tokens with OpenOTP

OpenOTP supports Feitian c100 & c200 Token series. Feitian c100 are OATH-HOTP (event-based) and c200 are OATH-TOTP (time-based).

The Tokens are provided with a PSKC import file by Feitian. The file includes the Token secret key in an encrypted or cleartext format. If it is encrypted, the PSKC decryption key should have been provided to you by Feitian.

To register a Token with a PSKC file, edit a user account in WebADM and go to the OTP Server Actions. Select PSKC Import to import the Token file to the user. There is also a command line import tool in /opt/webadm/websrvs/openotp/bin/pskc. This tool will convert the (encrypted/cleartext) PSKC to a CSV file containing the Token serial numbers and OATH keys.

If the PSKC import fails, please ask Feitian for an import file compliant with PSKC RFC-6030.

2) Configure the user account with TOKEN TokenType. With c200 Tokens, set the TOTP Time Step to 60 seconds (this is Feitian default). The Time Step is very important and Token will not work if not correctly set.

Note: If you use only c200 Tokens, you can configure the TOTP Time Step at the OpenOTP application level in the Applications/OpenOTP WebADM menu.