Secure Password Reset Web Application
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Secure Password Reset

The installation of PwReset is straightforward and only consists in running the self-installer and configure the application in WebADM.

You do not have to modify any files in the PwReset install directory! The web applications configurations are managed and stored in LDAP by WebADM. To configure PwReset, just enter WebADM as super administrator and go to the ‘Applications’ menu. Click PwReset to enter the web-based configuration.

PwReset application logs are accessible in the Databases menu in WebADM.


To be able to use PwReset, some Directory server like Active Directory have to communicate over SSL with WebADM. Please, refer to Active Directory and SSL documentation documentation to setup AD with SSL.


To be able to use PwReset, any LDAP user must be a WebADM account. That means usable LDAP accounts are those containing the webadmAccount LDAP object class. You can enable the WebADM features on any LDAP user/group by extending it with the webadmAccount object class (from object extension list).

Inline WebApps:

You can embed a Web app on your website in an HTML iFrame or Object.


<object data="https://<webadm_addr>/webapps/pwreset?inline=1" />