WebADM Upgrade Guide from 1.5.x to 1.6.x and Later
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1. Introduction

This document provides the necessary information for upgrading servers running WebADM v1.5.x to WebADM v1.6.x. WebADM v1.6 is a major upgrade of RCDevs WebADM.

The reader should notice that this document is not a guide for installing WebADM or its applications (Web Services and WebApps). Specific application guides are available through the RCDevs Online Documentation. WebADM usage manual is not covered by this guide and is documented in the RCDevs WebADM Administrator Guide available through the RCDevs’ online documentation website. In this guide, we will consider a common installation scenario where WebADM is running in cluster mode with two active servers.

2. Backup Your Server

Before upgrading, please back up your WebADM configurations on any WebADM server:

  • Connect the servers via SSH or Putty.

  • Backup the configuration folder with:

tar -zcvf /root/webadm_conf.tgz /opt/webadm/conf
  • Backup the PKI folder with:
 tar -zcvf /root/webadm_pki.tgz /opt/webadm/pki

3. Install the Upgrade Package

You will need to perform the following instructions on both servers of your cluster.

  • Download the WebADM v1.6.x all-in-one package.

  • Copy the package on the servers with WinSCP or another SCP tool.

  • Connect the servers via SSH or Putty.

  • Uncompress the package with:

gunzip webadm_all_in_one-1.6.x.x64.sh.gz


Please uncompress the GZ archive once copied on the Linux server and not under Windows!

3.1 Upgrade WebADM through the Shell Script

  • Run the upgrade tool with the commands:
[root@localhost tmp]# ./webadm_all_in_one-1.6.8-1-x64.sh 
WebADM v1.5.9-1 Self Installer
Copyright (c) 2010-2017 RCDevs SA All rights reserved.

A WebADM installation is already present in '/opt/webadm'.
Remove(R) or upgrade(U) or quit(Q)? U
Verifying package update... Ok
Are you sure you want to upgrade the WebADM installation in '/opt/webadm' (y/n)? y
Extracting files, please wait... Ok
Removing temporary files... Ok
Resetting file permissions... Ok
WebADM has been successfully upgraded.
Restart WebADM (y/n) y
Checking libudev dependency... Ok
Checking system architecture... Ok
Checking server configurations... Ok

No Enterprise license found (using bundled Freeware license)
Please contact sales@rcdevs.com for commercial information

Starting WebADM PKI server... Ok
Starting WebADM Session server... Ok
Starting WebADM HTTP server... Ok

Checking server connections. Please wait... 
Connected LDAP server: YO_AD-DC (
Connected SQL server: SQL Server (
Connected PKI server: PKI Server (
Connected Mail server: SMTP Server (
Connected Push server: Push Server (
Connected Session server: Session Server (
Connected License server: License Server (

Checking LDAP proxy user access... Ok
Checking SQL database access... Ok
Checking PKI service access... Ok
Checking Mail service access... Ok
Checking Push service access... Ok

Your WebADM server is now up to date.

3.2 Upgrade WebADM through RCDevs Repository

To upgrade RCDevs packages with the RCDevs repository, packages should be installed first through the repository. To install RCDevs repository and install packages through the repo, please follow the RCDevs Repository documentation.

To upgrade packages through the repository:

3.2.1 RHEL/CentOS

[root@localhost tmp]# yum update 

3.2.2 Debian/CentOS

[root@localhost tmp]# apt-get update 

4. Adjust Application Configurations

WebADM 1.6.x comes with upgrades for all your registered applications. Some of them may be missing some mandatory settings after the upgrade. In this case, go to the Applications menu and click the REGISTER button for any application where the Not Registered message is displayed.


Scroll down your application configurations and simply click the Apply button. WebADM will apply the default configuration for any new settings. The Web Service Status should be now Enabled.


Your server is now ready to work with the updated version.