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TiQR API Description TiQR provides 10 methods for authentication and RSA cryptography: 1. tiqrStart Initializes a TiQR authentication or cryptographic session and returns a QRCode and a session ID. The request contains the following attributes: client: Client identifier (NAS) to be used in service logs (defaults to the client IP address). source: IP address of the end user system (optional). settings (optional): List of TiQR settings which will override the user/group/application server-side settings (ex.

TiQR Quick Start

Start with TiQR Server 1. Introduction TiQR is an innovative way to authenticate users to web applications. It is based on open standards for secure authentication developed by the Open Authentication Initiative. TiQR’s unique user-friendly features include one-click enrollment using QR codes and secure authentication without having to re-type complicated codes by leveraging dynamic QR codes embedded in web pages. TiQR supports the OCRA suite of authentication protocols. The security is based on AES 256-bit encryption and the SHA-family hashing functions.

TiQR User Manual

1. Introduction TiQR is a new and revolutionary way to authenticate for online applications, such as webmail or online banking. The key feature is the use of QR tags, which makes authenticating both secure and easy. You will no longer be burdened with typing username/password combinations or complicated one-time passwords. Scanning a QR code and typing your PIN is all there is to it. This is the secret behind tiqr’s ease of use.

TiQR Credential Provider for Windows

1. Product Documentation This document is an installation guide for the TiQR Credential Provider for Windows. Hence, the installation or configuration of WebADM, including token registration is not covered in this guide. For installation and usage guides to WebADM refer to the RCDevs WebADM Installation Guide and the RCDevs WebADM Administrator Guide available through the RCDevs’ online documentation library. 2. Product Overview The TiQR Credential Provider for Windows is a component that integrates the RCDevs TiQR QR-Code authentication into the Windows login process.