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WebADM Administrator Guide

1. Product Documentation This document is a configuration guide for RCDevs WebADM. The reader should notice that this document is not a guide for configuring WebADM applications (Web Services and WebApps). Specific application guides are available through the RCDevs online documentation library. WebADM installation and setup is not covered by this guide and is documented in the RCDevs WebADM Installation Guide. 2. Product Overview WebADM is a powerful Web-based LDAP administration software designed for professionals to manage LDAP Organization resources such as domain users and groups.

Active Directory with WebADM

1. Installation Packages Firstly, we have to install OpenOTP and WebADM packages available through RCDevs Repository or on RCDevs Website. In this “How To”, we will install all required packages through the RCDevs repository. So, your servers should have an internet access to download every package. 1.1 For Redhat/CentOS On a RedHat, Centos or Fedora system, you can use our repository, which simplifies updates. Add the repository on your server(s) who will host WebADM/OpenOTP:

Active Directory with SSL

How to Enable Active Directory LDAP SSL Installing an Enterprise Root Certificate Authority in Windows Server 2008/2012/2016. In order to install and configure an Enterprise Root CA, you must log onto the server with a user account that belongs to the Domain Admins group. 1. To Set Up an Enterprise Root CA in Windows Server 2008/2012/2016 1) Click Start, point to Administrative Tools and then click Server Manager. 2) In the Roles Summary section, click Add Roles.

proxy_user & super_admin rights on MS Active Directory

How To Set WebADM Access Rights for Active Directory There are two things to be considered in order to implement fine-grained LDAP permission for WebADM and its applications. WebADM Proxy user permissions: This system user is used by WebADM to access and manipulate the required LDAP resources without an administrator login, for example, to increase the false authentication counter. Administrator users permissions: These accounts login to the Admin portal in order to manage LDAP resources and registered applications.

OpenOTP Credential Provider for Windows

Normal Login flow Simple Login flow Push Login flow 1. Product Documentation This document is an installation guide for the OpenOTP Credential Provider for Windows. Hence, the installation or configuration of WebADM, including token registration is not covered in this guide. For installation and usage guides to WebADM refer to the RCDevs WebADM Installation Guide and the RCDevs WebADM Administrator Guide available through the RCDevs online documentation Website.

LDAP Read-Only with WebADM and OpenOTP

How To Configure WebADM with a Read-Only Active Directory In some circumstances, we can not write in the LDAP backend. In that case, we need to store some configurations in a local LDAP database and users extra information in a SQL database. In this example, we will start with a Webadm server running with a local MariaDB and RCDevs Directory Server. It could be the VMWare Appliance or a new installation.

Virtual Appliance

RCDevs Virtual Appliance Startup Guide The RCDevs VMware Appliance is a standard and minimal CentOS 7 (64Bit) Linux installation with the RCDevs software packages already installed with yum. The Appliance contains the following (already configured) components: WebADM Server (installed in /opt/webadm/). WebADM Web Services: OpenOTP, SMSHub, OpenSSO, SpanKey, TiQR (installed in /opt/webadm/websrvs/). WebADM WebApps: SelfDesk, SelfReg, PwReset, OpenID (installed in /opt/webadm/webapps/). OpenOTP Radius Bridge (installed in /opt/radiusd/). RCDevs Directory Server (OpenLDAP in /opt/slapd/).

Schema Extension

Schema Extension 1. Content of the Schema Extension The schema extension is very minimal. It is composed of three object classes (webadmAccount, webadmGroup and webadmConfig) and three attributes (webadmSettings, webadmData and webadmType). Each attribute contains a registered object identifier. 34617 corresponds to the registered number for RCDevs at IANA. 2. Automatic Schema Extension This option is preferred and is very easy. It works with most of LDAP servers. 2.1 Active Directory Prerequisite The first domain controller defined in /opt/webadm/conf/servers.