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WebADM Administrator Guide

1. Product Documentation This document is a configuration guide for RCDevs WebADM. The reader should notice that this document is not a guide for configuring WebADM applications (Web Services and WebApps). Specific application guides are available through the RCDevs online documentation library. WebADM installation and setup is not covered by this guide and is documented in the RCDevs WebADM Installation Guide. 2. Product Overview WebADM is a powerful Web-based LDAP administration software designed for professionals to manage LDAP Organization resources such as domain users and groups.

RCDevs Directory Server Installation

Installation of RCDevs Directory Server System requirements: RCDevs Directory Server (DS) runs on Linux with GLIBC ≥ 2.5. The package contains the required dependencies allowing DS to run on any Linux system without other requirements. 1. Install DS 1.1. Using the Repository 1.1.1. CentOS/RHEL On a RedHat, Centos or Fedora system, you can use our repository, which simplify updates. Add the repository: [root@ldap ~]# curl -o /etc/yum.repos.d/rcdevs.repo Clean yum cache :

OpenLDAP Installation

How To Install OpenLDAP On an empty OpenLDAP, you can initialise your directory by importing the following LDIF entries. Change “mydomain” to mach your organization name and save the LDIF content to a root.ldif file. dn: dc=mydomain dc: mydomain ou: rootObject objectClass: top objectClass: dcObject objectClass: organizationalUnit dn: cn=admin,dc=mydomain cn: admin sn: admin objectClass: person objectClass: inetOrgPerson Use the following command to initialize your OpenLDAP directory. ldapadd -x -D "cn=admin,dc=mydomain" -W -f root.