OpenSSO Changelog

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    - Added cross-server Wait and Push messaging requests.

    - This update is required for WebADM version >= 1.7.6.
    - Re-scoped some application settings.
    - Added support for WebADM v1.7 (it does not work with previous versions).
    - Removed trust domain support (as with WebADM 1.7.0).
    - Added support for WebADM v1.6 (this version does not run on previous WebADM).
    - Added localized messages API compliance with WebADM v1.5.10.
    - Added support for WebADM version 1.6.7.
    - Uses the new WAPI framework from WebADM 1.5.0.
    - Added product categorization for WebADM v1.4.5.
    - Added error IDs to the error reponses.
    - Added support for WebADM service protocol API version checking.
    - Added support for WebADM user_level configurations in webadm.conf.

    - This version is designed for WebADM v1.4 and is not compatbile with v1.3.
    - Changed the SOAP encoding to RPC-literal for better compatibility with languages.
      > The API remains fully compatible the previous RPC-encoded format.

    - New aplication architecture designed for WebADM v1.2.6.
    - JSON API can be used in restful mode.
    - Removed the settings to enable/disable status requests.

    - Added support for location-based restriction in WebADM 1.2.3.
    - Added 'source' field to the API (please update your client implementations).
    - Added support for newer WebADM 1.2.1 licensing.
    - Added JSON-RPC 2.0 API.
    - Added JSON API.
    - Added XML-RPC API.
    - Added support for WebADM 1.2.x Manager interface.
    - Fixed the 'Corrupted session data' bug.

    - Added a web service setting to enable per-request user settings.
    - Fixed several problems with Trust domains.
    - Removed DataSize setting.

    Initial OpenOTP release.