This folder contains the latest release of RCDevs Software.
The release includes:

- WebADM for Linux Systems
- OpenOTP Authentication Server
- OpenOTP Radius Bridge Server
- OpenOTP SMS Hub Server
- OpenOTP Single Sign-On Server
- TiQR Authentication Server
- Self-Service Desk WebApp
- Token Self-Registration WebApp
- OpenID Provider WebApp

The "WebADM with WebApps and Web Services" installer version contains a release of WebADM with OpenOTP, SMSHub, OpenSSO Web services and SelfDesk, SelfReg, OpenID WebApps.

The "WebADM Standalone" installer version contains a release of WebADM without any application. With this version, you have to download and install the WebApps and WebSrvs standalone packages additionally.

Note: OpenOTP is one application and its installation requires WebADM to be installed first.

The included Freeware license allows using OpenOTP with a 40 users limitation and may include feature restrictions.
Please Contact RCDevs to obtain a commercial license.

To install WebADM with the Web Services and WebApps proceed as follows:
1) Download the "WebADM with WebApps & Web Services" package.
2) Uncompress the archive with gunzip: 'gunzip'.
3) Set the installer as a Linux executable: 'chmod 755'.
4) Launch the self-installer package: './'.
5) Proceed with the self-installer setup.
6) Go to /opt/webadm/ and read the INSTALL, README and RELEASE_NOTES files.