Luxembourg Safest nation for cloud storage

Luxembourg- Safest Nation for Cloud Data Storage in European Union


Luxembourg- Safest Nation for Cloud Data Storage in European Union

Do you fall into the top 15 riskiest or safest nations for Cloud Data Storage? Check now.

The “cloud” has become an inseparable part of today’s business.

When adopting cloud solutions, many organizations fail to balance the benefits of the cloud against the cloud security threats and challenges they may face.

But the major question to ask is, who is responsible for security in the cloud?

In every cloud service type, there is always some responsibility assigned to the cloud service user (i.e. you). Cloud service provider rarely assumes responsibility for data breaches. Which is caused by user access issues or the insecure storage, transmission, or use of data.

Let’s look at the top 15 safest and riskiest nations for data storage

Top 15 safest nations for the data storage          

15 Safest nation for cloud data storage

Top 15 Riskiest nations for the data danger zone

15 Riskiest nations for the data danger zone

To download the full benchmark report, visit the risk map by artmotion.

Top 5 Safest and Riskiest Nation for Cloud Data Storage

Top 5 safest and Riskiest nations for cloud data

The United Kingdom is ranked 23rd, of 170 countries benchmarked falling behind the vast majority of major European nations. The UK did however rank higher than America, which came in 38th on the list, falling behind countries such as Slovakia, Bahrain for overall data security.

Mateo Meier, CEO of Artmotion commented: “If the location does not match the promised levels of protection, then perhaps it’s time to make a switch.”

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