OpenOTP Electronic Signature

Secured & convenient e-Signatures within AD/LDAP

OpenOTP Electronic Signature
your new e-signing solution!

Working remotely has become the new normal.
Companies are adapting & looking for the
best comprehensive e-signature tool.

Integrations & APIs

e-Signatures, Seals & Approvals via simple APIs


e-Sign documents
via Nextcloud

Nextcloud Plugin

RCDevs’ OpenOTP Security Suite combined with OpenOTP Electronic Signature
and our Nextcloud plugin allows you to sign and/or seal documents within your organization (between colleagues).
Workflow requests are received through Push Notifications on your mobile through the OpenOTP Token App. Once the document is signed, it can be found in that same folder in Nextcloud.

Request e-signatures
via Quick-Sign Email

OpenOTP Quick-Sign Email

Secure document signing using your email system as a signature platform, without needing a user portal. As easy as sending an attachment to a colleague via email!
RCDevs’ OpenOTP Security Suite combined with OpenOTP Electronic Signature extends your email and e-signature capabilities.
Electronic signature requests are received through Push Notifications on your mobile or emailed QR codes. Signed documents are received directly in your email inbox.

Choose the quicksign-milter file from one of the repos below

Easily e-sign using
Quick-Sign Click for Windows

OpenOTP Quick-Sign Click

Right-Click on a document in your Windows Desktop to securely request an e-signature on your mobile phone.
RCDevs’ OpenOTP Security Suite combined with OpenOTP Quick-Sign Click for Windows extends your e-signature capabilities.
Workflow requests are received through Push Notifications on your mobile via the OpenOTP Token App. Signed documents are received in the same area as your original documents.


Integrate in existing processes & workflows via simple APIs

Enterprise EDM & CRM

Enterprise Electronic Document Management systems (EDMs) and Customer Relationship Management systems (CRMs) are widely used in SMEs and large corporations.
Extend your Sharepoint, Documentum or Alfresco functionalities with OpenOTP Electronic Signature via our simple integration APIs.
Use your own infrastructure systems and domain users to request document signatures/approvals directly with your colleagues.

E-sign with users
outside your AD/LDAP
via YumiSign

Yumisign – Part of RCDevs Ecosystem

Need to request e-signatures outside of your network? Integrate YumiSign with OpenOTP E-Signature to sign with external (non domain) users. Combining internal & external network signature requests is possible via APIs.


A Complete, User Friendly, Mobile
e-Signature Ecosystem

Document & Transaction Approvals
Standard e-Signatures
Advanced e-Signatures
Qualified e-Signatures
Sealing & Time-stamping
Unique Signatures
What You See Is What You Sign
By receiving and reviewing the document on your phone, you are assured you are signing the correct document.
The sealing & time-stamping of the documents assures you the documents are not tampered with.
Advanced Electronic Signatures
The Advanced Signing relies on cryptographic metadata and unique handwritten user signatures, as per eIDAS requirements.
The user signs with his finger (or a stylus) on the mobile device. The unique signature is returned in a cryptographic form as part of the chain of digital data.
A signature must be unique. Any copy will be refused by the back-end.
The signature is graphically applied to the original document and cryptographically sealed with HSMs.
Qualified Electronic Signatures
OpenOTP supports Qualified Signatures with eIDAS-Certified signing devices such as European Electronic ID cards or LuxTrust Smart Cards.
Qualified electronic signatures are done directly by applying your eIDAS-Certified device on your mobile phone when prompted (if your card is NFC capable). If your eIDAS device is not NFC capable, you will need to use a card reader to sign (you can purchase the card reader in our store).
Electronic signatures appear as EUTL-trusted signatures in Acrobat Reader.
The WYSIWYS (What You See Is What You Sign) concept is respected. The document you review and sign is the actual & final document. Once signed, it is time-stamped and sealed with HSMs.
Legally Binding
OpenOTP Electronic Signature is recognized by all jurisdictions and complies with European regulations (eIDAS).
Authenticated Digital Identities
OpenOTP Electronic Signature directly integrates with your AD/LDAP users.
Employees can send signature requests to themselves or their colleagues using our email gateway, NextCloud or through any other system via our simple APIs.