Self-Service & Help Desk Applications

Self-Service Applications

End-User Helper Applications


Simplify your help-desk processes by letting the users handle themselves most of the self-management tasks.

RCDevs security solutions are provided with some end-user helper applications (called WebApps) which are optional components in WebADM. These applications are part of your security infrastructure and in some circumstances may simplify a lot of your help-desk processes by letting the users handle most of the self-management tasks like Token enrollment or account/password management.
WebApps are generally companion portals for your RCDevs’ Web Service applications. For example, in some use-cases, OpenOTP requires the end-users to enroll, test or resynchronize their Tokens.
For public use, WebApps can easily be embedded inside your own Web site or deployed on the Internet with RCDevs WebADM Publishing Proxy Server.

User Self-Service Desk

This Web application is mostly designed for internal (corporate) use and includes several self-management features like:

Manage account information such as email, mobile phone numbers, etc..
Reset LDAP password according to a configurable password policy
Enroll, re-synchronize and test Software / Hardware Tokens or Yubikeys
Manage your own user certificates
Token Self-Registration
This application provides self-enrollment of Tokens and Yubikeys via a one-time email or SMS request, via the Administrator Portal, the Manager RPC Interface or even a batch script, you can send a self-enrollment link to a set of single users or members of LDAP groups. The users receive a message containing a URL via email or SMS. Clicking the link provides one-time access to the self-registration portal. Like in the Self-Service application, users can enroll and re-synchronize Tokens and test login operations.
Secure Password Reset
This application allows users to set a new password on their LDAP account when they lost their current password or if it expired. It uses the OpenOTP second login factor (SMS, Token or Yubikey) to authenticate the password reset operation. Alternatively, PKI access with user certificate can be used as authentication back-ends. RCDevs Password Reset is compliant with any LDAP password including AD Domain passwords, UNIX passwords and even SAMBA accounts. You can define password complexity policies or let the application obey the existing AD password policy. The password complexity configuration includes password size, type of characters, password blacklist and even dynamic complexity requirements per password length.

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