Many WiFi networks rely on static passwords, which are inherently insecure, as they can leak outside of the organisation and cannot be revoked individually. RCDevs now has a better solution to control access to WiFi networks, using user certificates with EAP-TLS security protocol. This provides a very convenient solution for an enterprise as there are no shared keys or passwords to be managed. Instead,  a client certificate is delivered from the RCDevs Self-Service portal using the integrated PKI solution. Once installed on Windows, Linux, MacOS desktops or even IOS/Android mobile phones, it provides a transparent access to the Enterprise WiFi.

With RCDevs, X.509 certificates and more generally PKI management is effortless; user certificates are linked to your user identities in your LDAP directory and the revocation of a user access is as simple as removing the certificate from the user data. When a user is removed from the directory, their access is automatically revoked as well.

EAP-TLS support is included in our latest RADIUS Bridge server component. Certificate access validation relies on the OCSP protocol provided by WebADM.

Please refer to RCDevs online documentations for more information.