Compatible Tiqr Tokens

TiQR’s unique user friendly experience include a one-click enrollment using QR codes and secure authentication/signing without having
to re-type complicated codes and passwords. The TiQR Mobile application from RCDevs supports both OATH-OCRA and RSA algorithms to support a large variety
of use cases. It’s internal security is based on AES-256 encryption.

TiQR Sign Mobile

Platform: iPhone, Android
Type: QR Scan with OATH OCRA & RSA
Publisher: RCDevs
Download: Iphone Android

TiQR Sign is an innovative way to authenticate users to Web applications and sign online transactions. It is based on open-standards by Open Authentication Initiative for secure authentication and uses RSA private key algorithms for electronic signatures.

If you are an OATH Software Token Developper and you want to be listed as an OpenOTP compatible software, please contact RCDevs.