Voice Biometrics Authentication

Voice Biometrics Authentication

Product Update

Voice Biometrics Authentication

Leveraging on customer’s unique Voice for Authentication.

What is Voice Biometrics Authentication?

Voice biometrics authentication is the method consisting of using a person’s voice as a unique identifying biological characteristic in order to authenticate them.

Voice Biometrics is considered the strongest authentication method because it ties identity to an actual individual (‘what you are’ rather than ‘what you know’ or ‘what you have’).

It extracts a set of audio features which ensure that a speaker is a real person rather than a recording or a synthetic voice of an individual.

How does it work?

Voice biometrics uses voice patterns to generate unique identification for every individual, working with more than 100 physical and behavioral characteristics. It includes speed of speech, accent, pronunciation, emphasis, in addition to physical factors of your vocal tract, mouth, and nasal passages.

Voice Biometrics Authentication Advantages 

Voice Biometrics is used as part of a two-factor authentication process to increase security and the 3 major advantages are:

  1. Enhance the customer experience with fast and frictionless authentication
  2. Improve security and minimize breaches due to compromised passwords, phishing, etc…
  3. Instantly identify users and personalize the interaction

Voice Biometrics Authentication and RCDevs Security Solutions

RCDevs’ voice biometrics authentication provides a unique combination of very high security and a natural user experience that works across all channels for 2FA.

It relies on machine learning technologies that are able to analyze the human voice fingerprints at a cryptographic level.

In order to record a voice biometric to a user, log in on the WebADM admin GUI, in the left LDAP tree, click on the user account that you want to register the voice to. 

You can authenticate your voice both by computer and phone.

The documentation provides complete details of the process.