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The latest version of OpenOTP Security Suite Control Center

For a more scalable system

WebADM2 online services are now based on Microservices


For a faster experience

WebADM2 is designed to support millions of requests

For a more natural user experience

In WebADM2 you can now authenticate with your voice

Voice Biometrics- Authentication

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Support for PKCS#11 SCHSM USB device

PKCS#11 is a Public-Key Cryptography Standard which allows WebADM2 to expand HSM compatibility with new USB HSMs and smart-cards. WebADM2 now supports SmartContact and Nitrokey HSMs. Yubico HSM v2 will be added soon.

Minor changes

Upgraded OpenSSL to version 1.1.1g (including security fixes).
Upgraded embedded Redis server to version 6.0.3.
Fixed issues with MountPoints having an empty LDAP base DN.
Fixed license expiration issues with trial licenses.

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Online Demos are available for free to let you try RCDevs multi-factor in 5 minutes and authenticate with your mobile or Yubikey.