• ROBOT Attack: 19-Year-Old Bleichenbacher Attack On Encrypted Web Reintroduced

    A 19-year-old vulnerability has been re-discovered in the RSA implementation from at least 8 different vendors—including F5, Citrix, and Cisco—that can give man-in-the-middle attackers access to encrypted messages.

  • 2FA (two-factor authentication) would have made things much harder for Elliot!

    For those of us in the real world, this is a reminder that although prevention is better than cure, giving up shouldn’t be an option with a prompt reaction to a security violation, there may yet still be time to head the attacker off at

  • Most Orgs Agonize Over IoT Security

    According to the survey results, collected from more than 600 global enterprise businesses, 90% of companies are expecting to see their volume of connected devices increase over the next few years, but 77% agreed that the increased usage of connected devices creates significant security

  • Windows Login with Offline Mode

    RCDevs’s unique Windows offline support in latest OpenOTP Credential Provider allows users login to Windows with OTP anywhere and at any time, providing superior all encompassing 2FA solution for all Windows access.

  • ‘Woefully Inadequate’ User Account Mgmt Rampant in Orgs Globally

    A global study indicates that disgruntled former employees (or threat actors taking advantage of them) have a widespread opportunity to cause harm within companies—because their IT accounts remain active, often months after they leave their jobs.

  • Top 10 most desired traits for cybersecurity job candidates

    Finding a good candidate, or possibly any candidate, to fill one of the thousands of open cybersecurity positions available is one of the greatest challenges facing security executives today.

  • RCDevs is expanding to accommodate employee growth and demand for MFA

    As announced preliminary, we have moved to the new location in the Jazz residence in Belvaux since 05 May 2017.

  • Internet Society urges G20 to ensure ‘ubiquitous encryption’ of web

    The G20 brings together the governments of the 20 most powerful nations on earth (Casa Rosada via Wikimedia Commons) The leader of the Internet Society has called for the mass encryption of the internet. The society's President and CEO Kathryn Brown said as much in a blogpost friday.

  • Extended PKI and Windows Support

    Our latest product releases include a certificate authority service which can be used for accessing third-party applications and new Windows components for RDP and ADFS.

  • “Truffle Hog” Tool Detects Secret Key Leaks on GitHub

    A free and open source tool called “Truffle Hog” can help developers check if they have accidentally leaked any secret keys through the projects they publish on GitHub.