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SaaS Trial

The OpenOTP Cloud Trial License is the easiest way to test our software & features with your systems.
Valid for 30 days. Up to 250 OpenOTP users and 50 SpanKey hosts.

01. Register
Enter basic company information.
02. Select a Template
This is a starting point. The configuration can be changed later.
03. Confirm
Enter the OTP received by email to log in your tenant!

On Premise

Trial & Freeware

01. Download
Download & uncompress the latest OpenOTP Security Suite package
02. Install
Launch the installation. Refer to INSTALL, README & RELEASE_NOTES files in the installation directory
03. License
When prompted, select the Freeware or Trial License. The license will be sent via email
04. Setup
Proceed with the self-installer setup
05. Try
Test MFA with VPN, Windows RDP, Citrix, Linux, or Web Apps


License models based on the number of activated users

* Pricing below based on 250 users, billed annually.
Pricing for other quantities may vary.

  • Limited to 25 users
  • Limited to 10 SpanKey hosts
  • License valid for 1 year
  • All integrations included
  • No HA (1 server only)
  • 20 SMS credits (valid 1 month)
  • 20 e-Signature credits (valid 1 month)
  • Documentation & Forum Support only
Popular Choice
Enterprise Edition
  • Annual billing
  • Maintenance included
  • All integrations included
  • All authentication methods
  • 40 SpanKey hosts
  • Cluster included (2 active servers HA)
  • e-Signature option (activation upon request)
  • No SLA Support (Bug reporting)
Enterprise Edition + SLA
  • Annual billing
  • Maintenance included
  • All integrations included
  • All authentication methods
  • 40 SpanKey hosts
  • Cluster included (2 active servers HA)
  • e-Signature option (activation upon request)
  • SLA Support (Bug reporting)
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Frequently asked questions

Why do you have a freeware?
We want to provide our expertise and products to the whole Internet community. Our complete enterprise security solutions cover the needs of most companies, organizations and individuals at a minimal or no cost.
Internet security is a major concern today and recent events tend to prove it.
Simple and powerful solutions for everyone will bring value to the global concern of Internet security.
Can I use the Freeware for more than 25 users?
No, the freeware version is only available for up to 25 users. OpenOTP's integrations, bridges and plugins are all available for free in the Freeware license. Development libraries and plugins are distributed as open-source.
The Freeware license is perfect for evaluating RCDevs’ software (POC) before purchasing the Enterprise license. It is also perfect to use as is for companies with less than 25 activated users.
Do you have a cloud solution?
We do! Whatever your preference is, On Prem or in the Cloud, we have a solution that fits your needs. The On-Prem Edition is provided through a software product via appliances or installers. It is Linux-based, easy to install and maintain. You can use our solutions for building security services or for securing cloud applications and hosted systems. The Cloud Edition can be bought and immediately deployed. Have all the advantages of OpenOTP Security Suite without having to maintain servers and OS.
Can I use OpenOTP for more or less than 250 users?
RCDevs OpenOTP Enterprise license can be purchased from 50 users and up. You can add (a minimum of 25) users at any time during the course of your license. Our prices are based on the idea that the cost per user decreases with the increasing number of users. For different quantities please contact us to request pricing.
Can I use SpanKey for more or less than 100 hosts?
The SpanKey Enterprise license is based on the number of hosts. The freeware version includes 10 hosts, but the Enterprise license allows you to use SpanKey for more or less than 100 hosts.
What are your enterprise licensing options?
Option 1. The Enterprise Subscription License is based on a per-user and per-year fee. It includes software maintenance.
Option 2. The Permanent License is based on an initial per-user fee, annual software maintenance and support services’ subscription.