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WebADM, Radius Bridge, OpenLDAP, WaProxy, WebApps and Web services are distributed via Linux self-installer packages and RedHat/Debian pachages. To install or upgrade with the self-installer, just copy the installers packages on your server available on these repos, and :

  1. Uncompress the archive (ex. gunzip
  2. Set installer as Unix executable (ex. chmod 755
  3. Launch the self-installer package (ex. ./
  4. Proceed with the self-installer setup
  5. Read the INSTALL, README and RELEASE_NOTES files in the installation directory.

RedHat/CentOS RPM pachages are available here: RPM Packages.
Debian/Ubuntu DEB pachages are available here: DEB Packages.

Please always prefer installing/upgrading using the WebADM with WebApps & Web Services version which contains the latest Web Services and WebApps.
To upgrade WebADM, do not remove the previous version and proceed excactly like for installation.

Read the CHANGELOG, README and RELEASE_NOTES files in /opt/webadm/ to get the list of changes and proceed with the required modifications (if any). Also read the application files in the /opt/webadm/webapps/.../ and /opt/webadm/websrvs/.../.

Note about versions: The software have a version number optionally followed by a patch level.
Example: webadm-1.0.10-2 is WebADM version 1.0.10 with patch level 2. A new patch level is generally created when we add an immediate functionality for a customer or when a minor bug is discovered and corrected. You do not need to upgrade every time a patch level is created.

After a WebApp or Web Service upgrade, the web services and webapps configurations may need to be updated. Log in WebADM Admin Portal and check the installed applications status in the home page. If a config update is required, click the "Not Configured" link and save the application configuration again.