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OpenOTP and RCDevs Security Suite is a big software solution composed of multiple elements which can be installed on a server (virtualized or not) or used in the Cloud as SaaS service. For non-Linux specialists, we recommend starting with the SaaS version. For confirmed Linux users, you may prefer a pre-installed VM or download our self-installation packages. The minimum set of software components required for running OpenOTP are:
  • WebADM Server All-in-One: The core RCDevs server with all applications like OpenOTP, IdPs, Self-services pre-installed.
  • OpenOTP RADIUS Bridge: The RADIUS server component required for most VPN integrations.
  • RCDevs Directory Server: The RCDevs OpenLDAP (if you do not use an existing LDAP directory).
  • WebADM Publishing Proxy: The RCDevs public proxy component required for Mobile Push.

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RCDevs Library Sources for C/C++1.0.2812M2023-07-06Download
ActiveDirectory Sync Tool   1.0.07K2023-08-11Download

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