WebADM Publishing Proxy for secure access

OpenOTP Publishing Proxy

Securely publish end-user portals on the internet

RCDevs provides a reverse-proxy server called WAProxy which publishes the selected end-user portals on the Internet.

Secure portal publishing with WAProxy

RCDevs Self-Services, Password Reset and Web SSO Identity Provider products are provided via WebADM applications called WebApps. As such, they are available under specific URLs on the WebADM server.
In some use-cases, you need to set up these applications for external access (for user access over the Internet). Although it is possible to deploy your WebADM server(s) on a public DMZ network, this is not the recommended option.

RCDevs helps you

Secure your WebApps

Secure portal publishing with WAProxy

RCDevs provides a reverse-proxy server called WAProxy which takes care of publishing the selected end-user portals on the Internet.

WAProxy is provided as an RCDevs software package and is very easy to deploy and configure. With WAProxy you can choose which application portals should be available from your proxy server.

If you use OpenOTP with FIDO2, the FIDO2 design implies that an Application ID communication endpoint (called AppID) must be available under a public URL under your company’s DNS domain. WAProxy also provides the FIDO2 AppID endpoint service.

WAProxy Applications

WAProxy enables your WebADM end-user application portals for public access. And it is included in your OpenOTP license at no extra charge.
WAproxy supports the following RCDevs Web applications and Web service endpoints:

User Self-Service Desk Portal
Email & SMS -based Token Self-Registration
Secure Password Reset
OpenID Identity Provider
SAML Identity Provider
FIDO2 application ID endpoint
Main Features

WAProxy is a very simple reverse-proxy server for WebADM

Publishes selected WebADM applications on the Internet
Keeps your WebADM cluster severs on a private network
Select published applications graphically from WebADM
Uses two WebADM server in the back-end in load-balanced mode
Automatic failover when a back-end server is down
Provides FIDO2 application ID endpoint
Supports PKI login methods for WebApps

See how simple it is to use WebADM Publishing Proxy: