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Two-factor authentication web plugins for secure authentication

The RCDevs’ integration plugins provide Two-Factor authentication mechanisms with OTP and FIDO2, combined with fine-grained user access control. They are quickly installed and configured, provided that you have a working WebADM/OpenOTP installation. All our plugins are provided free-of-charge and in open-source under GNU licenses. Users are also free to customize and re-design at their convenience.

Two-factor authentication web plugins

OpenOTP Authentication Plugin for Nextcloud

It displays an overlay on the Challenge-Response session, after filling in the username and password. The plugin supports global and per-user settings configuration.
Below authentication methods are available:

– Standard authentication (Disable OpenOTP)
– Two-Factor OR Standard authentication (Enable OpenOTP or Nextcloud Password)
– Two-Factor authentication (Enable OpenOTP for all user)

It is possible to force all users to authenticate with OTP or allow users to manage their authentication method if “Allow users to administer two-factor on their profile settings page” is selected.

RCDevs OpenOTP Application for Nextcloud will transparently handle any OpenOTP Login Mode including:
– OTP Only
– FIDO2 authentication method, click for more details


OpenOTP Electronic Signature Plugin for Nextcloud

Sign on the go with your mobile!

OpenOTP Security Suite combined with OpenOTP Electronic Signature and our Nextcloud plugin allows you to request e-signatures within your private network.

– eIDAS Compliant
– Strong Authentication
– Advanced Electronic Signature
– Qualified Electronic Signature
– Sealed by HSMs


OpenOTP Plugin for SimpleSAML

SimpleSAML Plugins provide two-factor login for SimpleSAML with OTP (OpenOTP) login.

When it comes to implementing SAML, RCDevs’ WebADM is the Identity Provider (IdP), which works with different Service Providers (SP) in OpenOTP for authentication processes.

All applications supporting SAML authentication are supported by RCDevs’ IdP. You also have the option of configuring a custom service provider in the dashboard.


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