Citrix & VMWare: multi factor authentication for VPN and SSL VPN

Citrix & VMWare

Enhance your Citrix services

Citrix is a global leader and the most trusted name in application delivery infrastructure.

More than 200,000 organizations worldwide rely on Citrix to deliver corporate applications to users anywhere with the best performance. The OpenOTP solution for Citrix Access Gateway, XenApp and Netscaler offers a wide range of user authentication options to help securely identify users before they interact with mission-critical data and applications through remote network resources.

RCDevs helps you

Protect your key business data assets

OpenOTP Server is a standard for organizations looking to protect their key business data assets. It has been designed to integrate seamlessly into existing Enterprise Citrix infrastructures.

RADIUS Integration

VPN technologies imply exposing sensitive enterprise resources to the unsecured Internet world. With all exploits and hacking floating all around, unsecured systems with lacking authentication are the main security issue. Protect any remote access to your company by adopting OpenOTP multi-factor authentication for your VPN and SSL VPN solutions.

Key Main Features

Secure access to virtualized desktops and applications
Easily deployed without changing the existing architecture
Supports any OpenOTP method (Tokens, YubiKey, SMSOTP, MailOTP…)
Supports Two-Factor with AD password checked on AD and OTP via OpenOTP
Supports LDAP, OTP and LDAP+OTP login modes
OTP with challenge-response or password concatenation
Authentication policies per client application or group of users
Compatible with

Citrix & VMWare products
supported in OpenOTP

Citrix Netscaler
Citrix Access Gateway
VMWare View

See how simple it is to integrate OpenOTP with Citrix :