OpenOTP MSSP Edition for IAM and MFA

OpenOTP Security Suite

Service Provider Edition

RCDevs Security offers the perfect solution to enable MSSPs deliver the best MFA-IAM services possible. Become an IAM provider (cloud or on-prem) today!

The best security software for MSSPs

OpenOTP Security Suite
Service Provider Edition

OpenOTP Security Suite Service Provider Edition was created according to today’s business models and evolving security challenges, especially those of MSSPs.

This Service Provider Edition can be deployed On-Prem or in a (Private) Cloud, has all the security integrations/solutions to face today’s security challenges and can host hundreds of individual client tenants.

It is easily scalable and is the perfect set-up for a security success story.

WebADM multi-tenant SaaS IAM Solution for MSSPs, to provide the best MFA & IAM services possible


By integrating with other security solutions, RCDevs' solutions can help MSSPs provide a comprehensive security offering that meets all of their clients' needs.


With WebADM Multi-Tenant and its broad range of features and functionalities, you can offer a complete MFA-IAM solution to your entire client portfolio.


Scalability is a key aspect of a solution. MSSPs can easily expand their offerings as their client base grows, without sacrificing performance, security or precious time.

Ease of Management

With WebADM's multi-tenant intuitive interface and easy-to-use dashboards, MSSPs can streamline their workflows and minimize the time and effort required to manage their clients.