OpenOTP MSSP Edition for IAM and MFA

RCDevs Security

Service Provider Edition

Sell the entire RCDevs Security stack under your brand! Customize your offers to fit your clients’ needs while promoting your brand with proven centrally managed security solutions.

The best security software for MSSPs

RCDevs Security
Service Provider Edition

RCDevs’ Service Provider Edition was created to allow you to stay relevant in today’s market.

With this turnkey, customizable, cost-effective solution, you can quickly and effectively sell the entire RCDevs Security Stack under your MSSP brand. Expand your brand with proven solutions.

OpenOTP Security Suite for all user-network-access, SpanKey for all Linux user access and SSH Key Management, and much more…

OpenOTP Security Suite can be deployed On-Prem or in a (Private) Cloud, featuring security integrations/solutions to tackle today’s security challenges. It is designed to host hundreds of individual client tenants while ensuring NIS2 compliance. Scalable and robust, it is the perfect setup for a security success story.

Whether organizations choose an On-Premises deployment for enhanced control over their infrastructure or a Private Cloud setup for flexibility, OpenOTP Security Suite equips them with essential tools to combat contemporary security threats. Its capacity to securely host multiple client tenants ensures adherence to NIS2 compliance compliance standards, coupled with scalability and resilience.

OpenOTP Security Suite’s scalability and robustness position it as an ideal solution for organizations seeking to reinforce their security posture and fend off emerging threats. Whether managing a small user base or serving numerous clients, this adaptable solution addresses various security requirements, fostering confidence and resilience in today’s dynamic digital environment.


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