OpenID & SAML Identity Provider

OpenID & SAML Identity Provider

OpenOTP’s SSO Solution

OpenOTP’s Single Sign-On (SSO) solution is easy to implement, convenient & time saving.

When combining SSO & MFA, the security of your log-ins is improved .

OpenOTP Security Suite includes an Identity Provider (IdP) allowing
federated identity management, commonly referred to as SSO.
Our IdP also offers the possibility of passwordless authentication.
OpenOTP OpenID & SAML IdP supports OpenID, OAuth and SAML2 standards.
Our IdP can be configured with both on premise and cloud applications.

SSO with RCDevs Security


MFA-IAM for SAML2 - OpenID-Connect & OAuth2 applications

OpenOTP OpenID & SAML Identity Provider works with OpenOTP’s authentication back-end.

RCDevs’ SSO solution supports PKI-based authentication as well (with user certificates).

When users enter a website with SSO, a security association is established between the website, the user and the identity provider. The user is redirected to the identity provider for a trusted authentication process. Passwordless authentication is also a possibilty.

Compared to other OpenID and SAML implementations, RCDevs’ SSO solution is very easy to implement, provided that you already have a working WebADM server with an OpenOTP license. The setup consists of adding the OpenID/SAML WebApp in WebADM and configuring authentication and access policies.

For more details on how to implement our IdP, please read our
Online Documentation or contact RCDevs for a more personalized explanation.

Main Key Features
Supports SAML2, OpenID-Connect & OAuth2
Supports IdP or SP initiated requests for Cloud SSO
Return group memberships & configurable user attributes
Uses all OpenOTP authentication methods (see list below)
Supports full PKI authentication with user certificates
Easy corporate SAML/OpenID-Connect configuration with metadata URL
Application-Federated Access based on authentication & access policies
Passwordless Authentication
Supported SSO Standards
OpenOTP OpenID & SAML IdP supports all the commonly used Single-Sign-On protocols:

- SAML (Security Assertion Markup Language)
- OpenID Connect
- OAuth2
Please note OpenID v1.1 & v2.0 are deprecated and have been removed
SSO Integration Examples
OpenOTP OpenID & SAML IdP can integrate many cloud applications such as Office 365, AWS or Nextcloud, to name a few.

For some SSO integration examples, please check RCDevs' Online Documentation.

Click on the image below to learn how to implement OpenOTP’s SSO Solution

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