OpenID & SAML Identity Provider

OpenID & SAML Identity Provider

RCDevs Single Sign-On Solution


Although Single Sign-On is convenient to users, it presents risks to enterprise security.

RCDevs provides a Web SSO Identity Provider application (IdP) that supports both the OpenID-Connect and SAMLv2 standards. The SSO application is a WebADM WebApp. OpenID-Connect is an open standard where users can log into OpenID-enabled websites using a completely decentralized authentication system. SAML is another federation protocol that is generally used to implement Single Sign-On to corporate Web sites and applications.
RCDevs helps you to

Implement Single Sign-On Solution

IAM Solution for Cloud Environment
RCDevs OpenID / SAML Identity Provider works with both OpenOTP and TiQR authentication back-ends. With TiQR, your users will authenticate by simply scanning a QRcode on the login page. The RCDevs SSO solution supports PKI-based authentication too (with client certificates).

When users enter a website with SSO, a security association is established between the website, the user and the identity provider. The user is redirected to the identity provider for a trusted authentication process.

Compared to other OpenID and SAML implementations, the RCDevs’ SSO solution is very easy to implement: Provided that you already have a working WebADM server with OpenOTP and/or TiQR, the setup just consists of adding the OpenID/SAML WebApp in WebADM. With OpenID, you need to configure the client id and secrets in the application configuration. Please read included documentation or contact RCDevs for implementation details.

Main Key features

Check OpenOTP and TiQR products for more features

Supports SAML 2.0 AuthnRequests and logoutRequests
Supports IdP-initiated SAML requests for Cloud SSO
Returns group memberships and configurable user attributes
Very easy configuration for corporate SAML with metadata URL
Supports OpenID-Connect and OAuth2
Supports OpenID user profile scopes
Uses all RCDevs authentication backends (OTP, U2F, TiQR)
Supports OTP with OATH, MobileOTP, SMSOTP, MailOTP, Yubikey
Supports full PKI authentication with client certificates
Supported SSO Standards
RCDevs OpenID IdP supports all the commonly used Single-Sign-On protocols:

SAML v2 with SSO Login and SSO Logout
OpenID v1.1 & v2.0 is deprecated and has been removed
SSO for Cloud Applications
RCDevs SAML supports two working modes: POST redirects where the service provider application redirects the users to the identity provider and an IdP-initiated login mode where the users log on the identity provider portal first. In this second mode, the SSO portal proposes a list of Cloud applications. The user clicks the application’s icon (SalesForce, SugarCRM Cloud, or even Citrix meeting services) to log on to the target application.
See how simple it is to integrate OpenOTP SSO Solution:

Authentication methods

RCDevs SSO login can use One-Time Password technologies (OTP), Universal Second Factor (U2F), QRCode login (TiQR) and even client certificates
QRCode Scan
TiQR Mobile Authentication
TiQR Mobile Authentication
Client Certificate

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