OpenID & SAML Identity Provider

OpenID & SAML Identity Provider

OpenOTP’s SSO Solution

OpenOTP’s Single Sign-On (SSO) solution is easy to implement, convenient & time saving.

When combining SSO & MFA, the security of your log-ins is improved .

OpenOTP Security Suite includes an Identity Provider (IdP) allowing
federated identity management, commonly referred to as SSO.
This is one of the many features included in OpenOTP.
OpenOTP OpenID & SAML IdP supports OpenID, OAuth and SAML2 standards.
Our IdP can be configured with both on premise and cloud applications.

SSO with RCDevs Security


IAM Solution for Cloud Environment

OpenOTP OpenID & SAML Identity Provider works with OpenOTP’s authentication back-end.

RCDevs’ SSO solution supports PKI-based authentication as well (with user certificates).

When users enter a website with SSO, a security association is established between the website, the user and the identity provider. The user is redirected to the identity provider for a trusted authentication process.

Compared to other OpenID and SAML implementations, RCDevs’ SSO solution is very easy to implement, provided that you already have a working WebADM server with an OpenOTP license. The setup consists of adding the OpenID/SAML WebApp in WebADM and configuring authentication and access policies.

For more details on how to implement our IdP, please read our
Online Documentation or contact RCDevs for a more personalized explanation.

Main Key Features
Supports SAML2, OpenID-Connect & OAuth2
Supports IdP or SP initiated requests for Cloud SSO
Return group memberships & configurable user attributes
Uses all OpenOTP authentication methods (see list below)
Supports full PKI authentication with user certificates
Easy corporate SAML/OpenID-Connect configuration with metadata URL
Application-Federated Access based on authentication & access policies
Supported SSO Standards
OpenOTP OpenID & SAML IdP supports all the commonly used Single-Sign-On protocols:

- SAML (Security Assertion Markup Language)
- OpenID Connect
- OAuth2
Please note OpenID v1.1 & v2.0 are deprecated and have been removed
SSO Integration Examples
OpenOTP OpenID & SAML IdP can integrate many cloud applications such as Office 365, AWS or Nextcloud, to name a few.

For some SSO integration examples, please check RCDevs' Online Documentation.

Click on the image below to learn how to implement OpenOTP’s SSO Solution

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