Efficient and Easy

The RCDevs Authentication Server provides two-factor security with more flexibility, more security, easy installation/integration and very cost-effective licensing. It has the highest level of functionality in the sector and is designed with performance, simplicity and scalability.

RCDevs solutions are all-inclusive with many authentication methods and APIs included fine-grained security policies per-users/groups/domains/clients, self-service desk, QRCode provisioning, SMS relay server, powerful audit capabilities and the most advanced web-based management interface.

Lower TCO with Cost-Effective Licensing

The RCDevs Authentication Server fits well for both SMEs and large companies. Our licensing model provides lower TCO with all-inclusive per-user licenses. The whole solution is completely free of charge for trials and to use up to 40 activated users.

RCDevs also provides low-cost hardware tokens and supports a bunch of free software tokens.

Cutting-Edge Technology

The RCDevs Authentication Server uses the existing user directories (without requiring replication or synchronization). The software is provided with self-installer packages or virtual appliances and requires very few maintenances.

RCDevs includes a very powerful management interface which is able to federate all the enterprise user directories at the same time. The interface manages the LDAP resources based on the directory schemas. Through an object class-based approach, it can manipulate both Windows domain users and UNIX users. It is also able to enable two-factor features and fine-grained password/access control policies for any existing user without requiring import or synchronization of these users.

And with RCDevs solutions:

  • Policies can be refined by groups, users and clients.
  • Multi-Factor with Active-Directory/LDAP password combined with OTP password or U2F signature.
  • Fallback OTP methods resolve the SMS/Mail delivery issues.
  • SMS OTP is compatible with a large range of SMS providers.
  • Software Tokens enrollment leverages QRCodes with Google Authenticator and TiQR for a painless and intuitive end-user enrollment process.
Regulatory Compliance

RCDevs security solutions help companies achieving regulatory compliances required in the government, industry, healthcare and financial sectors. This includes PCI DSS, HIPAA, etc... Our software is currently used by many companies worldwide requiring PCI DSS and strong security audits.

Exclusive Innovative Solutions

The RCDevs TiQR server is an exclusive authentication system with an intuitive “scan screen to login” approach. Users simply register and authenticate via scanning QR Codes and providing a secret PIN. The authentication uses mobile-to-server communications and the OATH-OCRA algorithm. It supports an offline mode when the user mobile does not have data network coverage.

RCDevs TiQR is compatible with web applications, OpenID-based applications, SAML, UNIX PAM and OpenSSH, etc... Many integration libraries and components are open-sourced.