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RCDevs provides enterprise-grade security solutions around two-factor authentication with OTP / U2F, federation, identity management, secure transactions and more… Our solutions combine mobile technologies with proven security standards in order to offer the best alternative for professionals and non-professionals requiring cost-effective solutions compatible with their user’s mobility.

For years, companies have been deploying external services and applications for their employees and collaborators to provide remote access to corporate resources and work environments. Yet, with the increasing amount of Internet threats and exploits, using static passwords is not secure enough and implementing strong authentication mechanisms has become a necessity.
RCDevs solutions focus on authentication and access control of end-users to online services, VPNs, Citrix, UNIX, Microsoft, Wifi… We provide all-inclusive and easy-to-integrate products built with cutting-edge technologies like Yubikey, HSMs, FIDO-U2F and mobile technologies. Our team of experts collaborates with strong security partners like Yubico, Hardware security vendors and enterprise-class SMS providers.
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One-Time Password technologies (OTP) and Universal Second Factor (U2F)

OpenOTP™ is an enterprise-grade user authentication solution based on open technologies. OpenOTP provides multiple (highly configurable) authentication schemes for your Domain users. OpenOTP supports multiple One-Time Password technologies (OTP) and Universal Second Factor from Fido Alliance (U2F).

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