OpenOTP Token: Free Mobile Authentication App for Push Notifications and OTPs

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OpenOTP Token App

The app features Push Notifications, OTPs, Badging, E-Signing, Anti-Phishing & Biometric Protection. Designed for iOS & Android

Why our software token?

OpenOTP Token App Features

Free Mobile App for MFA Push Notifications & OTPs, with anti-phishing, geo-mapping & biometric protection.
Free Mobile App for MFA Push Notifications & OTPs

Token Enrollment

Simple, secure & convenient

OpenOTP Token app offers simple and secure ways to enroll your tokens. Using the camera feature in the app, you can easily scan QR codes. A scanned and registered QR Code is no longer “active” and cannot be used again. Additional security settings are available.

Push Notifications

User-friendly feature combined with additional security

Push notifications have two distinct advantages. The first one is users will love the fact that they do not have to type a 6 or 8 digit code in less than 30 seconds. The second one is that a physical push action on a phone cannot be stolen and replicated by someone else.

Free Mobile App for MFA Push Notifications & OTPs


Increase user cybersecurity awareness

Being warned that the IP address requesting access is not matching the location of the phone is a huge plus. It could be that your VPN is routing through a different location, in which case you can approve the Push and log in. If it is not you, you can reject the Push, denying access and warn your IT department about a possible phishing attack.

Agreement-based Logical Access

Add agreement-signing into your conditional access policies

Enhance access control by seamlessly integrating conditional access with time-stamped eIDAS e-signatures for agreements. Traditionally, authentication and signing processes are disparate, time-consuming, and costly endeavors. The OpenOTP Token App simplifies and accelerates these steps, merging them into an efficient and cost-effective process that enhances overall security and user experience.


Presence-based Logical Access

Reduces the attack surface to the minimum necessary

Presence-based Logical Access is a new approach to network security. The idea is to keep network access locked at all times unless an authorized employee has badged in. Thus, your networks are opened only to people effectively working and from an authorized location. OpenOTP Token App helps employees report to work in a simple and convenient way.

Electronic Signature

When your mobile becomes a signature device

The app offers the flexibility to e-sign documents using various integrations, allowing users to leverage their preferred platforms for digital signing. OpenOTP seamlessly integrates with your systems, empowering users to securely e-sign documents in their preferred workflows. (requires the purchase of e-signature credits)

Secure mobile authentication and agreement signing for MFA and compliance
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How we built our OpenOTP Token App

Additional Biometric security layer

With biometric protection, users can confidently rely on their unique physiological features, such as fingerprints or facial recognition, to safeguard their OpenOTP accounts from unauthorized access.

Secure Enrollment Procedure

RCDevs prioritizes the security of token enrollment by employing a secure process. The QR code (with optional PIN) is only used to initiate enrollment, rendering the QR code useless for potential attackers. This centralized and protected approach ensures a highly secure enrollment process.

Cryptographic Key

The cryptographic key used by the app is not only securely stored in the phone’s keychain but is also accessible exclusively by the app itself. Only the app has the necessary permissions and credentials to access and utilize the cryptographic key.

Fraudulent Connection Attempt

The app combats phishing attacks by analyzing the geographic location of the device during authentication. The app identifies and flags suspicious login requests originating from unfamiliar or unexpected locations.

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