Overview OpenOTP Security Suite

Meet the most comprehensive 2FA Solution to date

OpenOTP Security Suite

All-in-one Multi-Factor Authentication Enterprise Solution
including IAM, SSO & NAC
On-premise or Private Cloud
Incredibly Modular & Flexible

The only software you need

What’s included?

A swiss army knife ready to integrate in any system

OpenOTP™ Authentication Server

Enterprise-grade user authentication

solution based on open standards

OpenOTP™ provides an authentication server for your Domain users. Combine single-factor & multi-factor authentication (MFA) for user access with One-Time Password technologies (OTP) & FIDO2.

OpenOTP™ Token App

Official App for OpenOTP Security Suite
to authenticate & e-sign
OpenOTP Token is the official application (iOS & Google Play)
to use with OpenOTP Security Suite. Features Push Notifications & OTPs with anti-phishing,
geo-mapping & biometric protection
. Can replace other software tokens (i.e. Google or MS Authenticator).
Transforms your phone in a signing device with the Signature Edition license (optional).

OpenOTP™ Radius Bridge

Integrate third-party products
& systems with MFA
Our RADIUS BRIDGE (RFC-2865) is designed to integrate seamlessly into existing Enterprise infrastructure.
Protect your Ethernet switches & Wifi access points. Adopt multi-factor for your VPN & SSL VPN.
Enhance your Citrix & VMWare services.

OpenOTP™ LDAP Bridge

Protect legacy applications with MFA
LDAP Bridge acts as an LDAP proxy for your applications & intercepts users authentications.
It allows the integration of a variety of third-party products & systems with MFA,
even if they only support LDAP as an authentication backend.

WebADM™ Control Center

The heart of the OpenOTP Security Suite,
to run & manage all the services
WebADM™ is a powerful web-based Directory Administration software designed for professionals to manage LDAP Organization resources such as Domain Users & Groups. It is a complete IAM solution in itself.

It is the management console for RCDevs’ applications like OpenOTP & SpanKey.
WebADM is compatible with Novell eDirectory, OpenLDAP, OpenDirectory, Oracle Directory, 389 & Microsoft ActiveDirectory.

OpenOTP™ Federation Services

OpenOTP Security Suite handles Single-Sign-On & ADFS
Our IdP can be configured both on premise & cloud applications.
OpenOTP Federation Services supports OpenID, OAuth and SAML2 standards.
Add MFA in Microsoft environments like Exchange, Sharepoint or Office 365.

OpenOTP™ Network Access

Physical & WiFi Network Access Control
Network Access Control (NAC) keeps unauthorized users & devices out of your private network.
NAC solutions have become an extremely valuable tool to provide a user/client authentication layer for your ethernet switches & WiFi access points.

OpenOTP™ Windows & RDP Login

Secure Windows Login & Remote Desktop Sessions
Our OpenOTP Credential Provider (CP) is your additional layer of protection for Windows login & remote access with Remote Desktop (RDP login) & RDS.
Authorize Windows Passwordless Login via PKI Integrations.

OpenOTP™ PKI Services

A comprehensive PKI ecosystem,
with Smart Card Authentication
OpenOTP PKI Services opens endless use cases with Smart Cards, such as Windows Passwordless Login, Secured emails (S/MIME), Network Access Control & Single-Sign-On.
Set as a standalone platform or as a subordinate CA of your root CA, it helps you manage issued Users, Client & Server Certificates, centralize Access Monitoring & add MFA on any PKI authentication.

OpenOTP™ Electronic Signature

Standard, Advanced & Qualified e-signatures
Secured & convenient e-Signatures within AD/LDAP users with private workflows.
Workflow requests can be sent via email & are received through Push Notifications on your mobile or emailed QR codes.
Signing on your mobile via the OpenOTP Token App allows you to see what is signed during the process.

WebADM™ Web Plugins

High-quality integration plugins for major open-source
web products like Nextcloud, ownCloud or SimpleSAML
Two-Factor authentication mechanisms with OTP and FIDO2, combined with fine-grained user access control.
Quickly installed and configured. Free to customize and re-design at your convenience.

OpenOTP™ Publishing Proxy

A reverse-proxy server to publish end-user portals on the Internet
OpenOTP Security Suite includes a reverse-proxy server called WAProxy.
Easy to deploy and configure, this software package gives access to WebApps like Self-Services, Help Desk and SSO Identity Provider under specific URLs on the WebADM Server.

WebADM™ Self-Service & Help Desk

End-User Helper. Time Saver.
Lighten your help-desk processes by letting the users handle most of the self-management tasks: reset LDAP password, handle Software/Hardware Tokens or Yubikeys, Self-Register, etc…
Help Desk
Delegate the 1st level of user services to Sub-Admins.
Why our clients choose
OpenOTP Security Suite?
To avoid software stacking, and the compatibility/upgrade issues that comes with it.
They choose to activate only the modules that their infrastructure needs at the time. OpenOTP Security Suite is also ready for future evolutions of their systems.
Free 2HA Cluster
Unlike many other solutions, OpenOTP Security Suite includes 2 active high availability servers
Unlike SaaS solutions, OpenOTP Security Suite can be fully installed & used on-prem, without having to share the users directory.
VPN & WiFi
In a world that is more mobile than ever, protecting access wherever the users are is crucial. OpenOTP helps doing it as easily as when they are in the office, by seamlessly extending security to VPN & WiFi.
Support & Services
To help them implement, use and discover its solutions, RCDevs provides a very complete documentation (of more than 1000 pages!) as well as a (wonderful) Support & Service team.
Managed Security Services options
RCDevs also offers the possibility of managed security services, which can range from simple yearly maintenance, to complete installation on a private cloud.
Cost Effective
Compared to the price of a multitude of solutions, OpenOTP Security Suite is really cost effective. All-in-one, but also one price!
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