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OpenOTP Mobile Badging
Your compliant time clock for office & remote work!

The regulation on remote work is constantly changing.
Companies are adapting & looking for the most efficient employee time/location managing tool.

OpenOTP Mobile Badging

Taking time-clocking to a whole new level

compliant remote work regulation reporting

European cross-border employees
working remotely

OpenOTP Security Suite includes a Badging feature (Free OpenOTP Token required), allowing European companies to comply with cross-border employee regulations. Your employees are also guaranteed their work hours are accurately reported.

Location accuracy & proof

Employee location management can be a headache for your HR department, especially for cross-border employees working remotely or for anyone doing some work outside of the office. With OpenOTP Mobile Badging, employees can easily and securely badge-in and out, using their mobile phone.
All the collected data is timestamped using the local CA in XADES or using eIDAS. Proof of location cannot be repudiated.

Monitoring & Reporting

Easily manage your employees’ allowed remote work time, according to each country’s legislation. Setting filters, viewing on a map, exporting are some of the multiple fonctions of this feature.

Extra Network Security

Implement the Badging feature to protect access to your network. Set a policy that forbids access to your resources if an employee has not badged or checked-in or grant access for x amount time per badging. This extra layer of security combined with MFA enhances your network security.

Identity & Access Management

Through the WebADM IAM platform, set rules and policies according to your company and employee requirements. Set badging restrictions per user or per group.
Decide which type of data is collected to be GDPR compliant.

Multi-office location supported

OpenOTP Mobile Badging is perfect for companies with multiple offices. Whether in different countries or cities, keep track of employees and set policies according to each country’s regulation.

OpenOTP Token App

Our free OpenOTP Token App is required to badge-in or check-in. Combining convenience with elegance, badging has never been this simple and reliable.

accurate remote work legal proof reporting

The OpenOTP Experience

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