Mobile Badging: Remote employee time clock for HR compliance


OpenOTP Mobile Badging
Your compliant time clock for office & remote work!

The regulation on remote work is constantly changing.
Companies are adapting & looking for the most efficient employee time/location managing tool.

Remote employee time management for HR compliance

OpenOTP Mobile Badging

Taking time-clocking to a whole new level

An innovation dedicated
to HR Services

Companies need incontrovertible proof to comply with tax and social regulations in case of an audit. Managing employee location can be a headache for your HR department, especially for cross-border, telecommuting or traveling employees.

The one & only tool providing
legal proofs for company audits

OpenOTP Mobile Badging provides legal proof of work locations from abroad in case of an audit, with the possibility of time-stamping the work period by certifying the accuracy of this data via an eIDAS* electronic signature, the strongest legal proof available.

* The collected data can be time-stamped using the local Certification Authority in XADES format or with eIDAS.


Days worked reporting for
employees & HR departments

OpenOTP Mobile Badging offers a convenient solution for managing days worked for employees as well as HR departments. Anyone working outside of the office has a reliable and convenient solution to keep track of their work hours.
This tool is particularly useful for cross-border, telecommuting or traveling employees.
It automatically tracks days worked in each country and shows where the employee is at, in relation to their regulatory quota.

Monitoring & Reporting

HR departments can easily manage the employees’ authorized remote work time, according to each country’s legislation.

Data collection can be configured as needed, and the software offers HR Departments reporting, filtering and exporting capabilities to help manage the amount of time employees are allowed to work according to each country’s legislation.

Work-location check

If needed, the system allows you to send your employees individual requests to confirm their work/location presence.
This also provides a reliable solution in certain industries where data is not supposed to be handled outside of certain geographical areas.

Multi-office location supported

OpenOTP Mobile Badging is perfect for companies with multiple offices. Whether in different countries or cities, set policies according to each location’s regulation to manage your workforce accurately.


A convenient & secure
tool for employees

Employees gain in ease of use, reporting and the ability to remote work in accordance with regulations.

Easy badging in & out with a cell phone

No need to carry a magnetic card or make a detour to a physical time clock.
Employees can easily and securely sign in and out using their cell phones.
Our Free OpenOTP Token App is required.

Employees are guaranteed their work hours are accurately reported

The system automatically counts days worked in each country and tracks regulatory quotas. This provides an easy management of authorized remote work time according to the legislation of each country.

The Solution to Remote Work Constraints

For employees who may sometimes be limited in their ability to work remotely for administrative reporting or regulatory reasons, OpenOTP Mobile Badging solves these constraints accurately all the while being eIDAS compliant, in a way that has never been possible before.

Extra Network Security

As cybersecurity specialists, we developed this system so that when people are not working or have vacated their presence, all systems automatically lock. This new concept is truly unique.

Fine-grained access authorization

For access to IT systems, such as VPN, badging is a secure method to ensure that only authorized employees can access your company’s confidential information. Once the workday is over, employees must badge-out, which locks the network access. If a user forgets to badge-out, the system automatically locks after a certain period of time.

Your attack surface reduced to a strict minimum

Our badging system provides enhanced security for remote access to IT systems. This allows companies to better protect themselves against hacking and ransomware threats.
Whether for employees working remotely or on site, the badging system makes it possible to close access whenever possible. In other words, they only open when the employee logs in from the authorized locations and during the time period in which they are actually working. In this way, the attack surface is reduced to a strict minimum in both space and time.