Compatible Tokens

TiQR’s unique user friendly experience include a one-click enrollment using QR codes and secure authentication/signing without having
to re-type complicated codes and passwords. The TiQR Mobile application from RCDevs supports both OATH-OCRA and RSA algorithms to support a large variety
of use cases. It’s internal security is based on AES-256 encryption.

RCDevs RC200  ( Documentation )

Type: OATH Time-based (TOTP)
Publisher: RCDevs SA

RCDevs RC200 is the official and recommended OpenOTP™ Hardware Token. Simply press the button to generate a secure one-time password changing every 30 seconds.

  • RC200 can be customized with 6 or 8 digits OTP display.
  • RC200 are provided by RCDevs with OpenOTP Inventory import files for a very simple enrollment process requiring only your Tokens' Serial Numbers.

Yubico YubiKey  ( Documentation )

Type: Yubikey Event-based
Publisher: Yubico

Combined with a PIN or password the YubiKey provides strong two-factor authentication, combating common ID theft issues, including phishing and key loggers.

Feitian c100 & c200  ( Documentation )

Type: OATH Event-based (HOTP) & Time-based (TOTP)
Publisher: Feitian Technologies Co., Ltd.

Feitian c100 & c200 Tokens are small key-chain hardware authenticator with nice looking and offering user real mobility and flexibility. Feitian Tokens ensure identification to allow only authorized access to critical applications and sensitive data.

  • c100: Simply press the button to generate a secure event synchronous one-time password.
  • c200: Simply press the button to generate a secure one-time password every 60 seconds.

SecuTech UniOTP 300 & 500  ( Documentation )

Type: OATH Event-based (HOTP) & Time-based (TOTP)
Publisher: SecuTech Solution Inc.

UniOTP 300 is an event-based authenticator. It generates a new one-time-password when pressing the button on the device. Each password will be displayed on the LCD screen for 60 seconds.
UniOTP 500 is a time-based authenticator. With an accurate clock inside, it generates automatically and displays a new password every 60 seconds.

SmartDisplayer e1xxx, t1xxx & e2xxx series  ( Documentation )

Type: OATH Event-based (HOTP), Time-based (TOTP) & Challenge (OCRA)
Publisher: SmartDisplayer Technology

SmartDisplayer Tokens have flexible display panel embedded in ISO compliant cards. They integrate Electronic Paper Display (EPD) with System on Chip (SOC) and support event-based, time-based and challenge-based OTP.
SmartDisplayer is certified by Visa since 2010 and has won us 2005 SID Gold Award.

Vasco Digipass GO6 OATH  ( Documentation )

Type: OATH Event-based (HOTP) & Time-based (TOTP)
Publisher: VASCO Data Security International, Inc.

Vasco Digipass GO6 is a ‘one-button’ authenticator, based on Vasco’s proven DIGIPASS technology. Banks and other organizations can effectively combat internet fraud by replacing static or paper based password systems, using DIGIPASS GO 6.

If you are an OATH Software Token Developper and you want to be listed as an OpenOTP compatible software, please contact RCDevs.