PKI Based Authentication

Secure your Authentication with Certificate

PKI is a critical part of the IT strategic backbone.

PKI, or public key infrastructure, enables you to use digital certificates and public encryption key pairs to encrypt and decrypt data or the transmission channels you use to send it using the secure SSL/TLS protocol. It is a vital component of the modern internet.
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Protect your Website with Client Certificate Login

PKI Authentication
WebADM / OpenOTP provides a full PKI subsystem that can be used for both user authentication and S/Mime secure messaging.
Many websites choose to rely on client certificates for user authentication. OpenOTP provides simple REST/SOAP APIs allowing your sites to validate user access via certificates generated through the WebADM internal PKI and self-services. OpenOTP takes care of the certificates’ revocations transparently by using the WebADM internal OCSP service.

Main features

Enable Client policies for certificate-based login
OpenOTP PKI login supports WebADM client policies. For example, you can define fine-grained access control policies per website, which support per-group or location-based access. 
Transparent certificate revocations
With WebADM, revoking a PKI access is as simple as removing a certificate from an LDAP user. There is no need to deploy and maintain CRLs or OCSP endpoints like in common PKI services. OpenOTP provides a secure and easy-to-use API to implement PKI login within minutes.
S/Mime secure email
WebADM user certificates are suitable for email encryption and signing. Your organization can make use of the self-service and WebADM simple certificate management interfaces to implement secure messaging.

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