OpenOTP PKI Services


PKI & Smart Card Authentication

Centralize your security environment with
a single certificate-based access framework.

Dive in OpenOTP Security Suite’s PKI Ecosystem!

Endless PKI Use Cases

A Comprehensive PKI System

Secure, Flexible & Scalable

Full PKI System

• Use OpenOTP Security Suite as a Standalone system
• Set OpenOTP Security Suite as a subordinate CA of your root CA
• Manage your own CA and issued User, Client & Server Certificates
• PKI Log In for Web Apps & any custom integrations
• Allow authentication via Electronic ID Card Authentication Certificates imported in user profile (not compatible with Windows integration)
• Add MFA on any PKI authentication

Certificate Management System

• Centralize Access Monitoring for all PKI-based access
• Enroll any external Certificates in user profile
• Manage Digital Certificate Lifecycle
• Enable Dynamic Certificate Revocation Services with OCSP
• Authorize any Smart Card (most European electronic ID Cards included)


Microsoft Compatible

• Integrate with Windows Certificate Ecosystem
• 100% compatible with Windows PKI environment
• Set OpenOTP Security Suite as Standalone CA
• Configure OpenOTP Security Suite as Sub CA of a Windows CA
• Windows & RDP Log In with Smart Cards
• Add optional MFA on Smart Cards Windows Log In

PKI-Based Access

• Certificate-based Log In via Client Policies
• Manage Authentication, S/MIME, NAC & SSO
• Integrate Radius for Network Access
• Custom Website Integration via OpenOTP PKI API
• Integrate SAML & OpenID Connect for Federation Needs