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RCDevs Security provides modular & flexible on-premise security solutions.
Secure and manage all your systems and sensitive data in one place.

Multi-Factor Authentication

OpenOTP Security Suite
Strong Authentication

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) is a security process in which the user provides two different authentication factors to verify their identity to better protect both the user’s credentials & the resources the user can access.
RCDevs OpenOTP Suite allows you to implement MFA requirements while at the same time, to make your business processes more efficient & user-friendly.

Strong Authentication with OpenOTP Security Suite
Identity and Access Management


Identity and Access Management

RCDevs Security Platform is a self-sufficient Enterprise IAM solution that relies on your Active Directory/ LDAP user stores. WebADM provides fine-grained access policies for all your applications, with in integrated state-of-the-art Mobile Badging feature.

Supported applications include VPNs, Citrix, WiFi, Websites, Federated apps (via SAML, OpenID-Connect or OAuth) and even legacy applications that generally do not support MFA by design.

E-Signature & Secure Transactions

OpenOTP Electronic Signature
& PSD2 Secure Transactions

With RCDevs’ OpenOTP Electronic Signature, you can e-sign, seal & approve your documents via simple APIs.
It is simple, secure and enterprise-oriented. Use your own infrastructure systems (like Nextcloud, Sharepoint, etc…) to request document signatures/approvals directly with domain users (AD/LDAP).

PSD2 introduces new regulations to banks operating in Europe: Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) and Dynamic Linking. With our secure transaction module, your financial transactions are compliant and safe.

Electronic Signature and PSD2 Secure Transactions
SSH Key Server Spankey RCDevs

Server management

Server Access Management

SpanKey is a centralized SSH key server for OpenSSH where the public keys are stored in your central LDAP directory (ex. Active Directory).
With SpanKey, there is no need to distribute, manually expire or maintain the public keys on the servers. Instead, the SpanKey agent is deployed on the servers and is responsible for providing the users’ public keys on-demand.

Easy Setup

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OpenOTP Security Suite

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