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What is exactly OpenOTP Security Suite™

What we talk about when we talk about Multi-Factor Authentication

Multi-factor authentication is a security process in which the user provides two different authentication factors to verify themselves to better protect both the user’s credentials and the resources the user can access.
RCDevs OpenOTP Suite helps you to implement MFA requirements while at the same time making your business processes more efficient and user-friendly.

OpenOTP Token for IOS and Android

How to securely login
using one finger

Completely free for up to 40 users

Easy Setup

Secure all access in 4 simple steps

Download RCDevs software packages or virtual appliance.
Take a look at the video tutorials and try multi-factor with your VPN, Windows RDP, Citrix, Linux, or Web Apps.
Unleash all potential
Order your license from RCDevs Web Store or by contacting our sales department.
Integrate into your production systems and start benefiting RCDevs High-security solution!
You are in good company

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One stop solution for Oracle

"Thanks to its number of features and authentication options, OpenOTP Security Suite helps us to create a more secure and frictionless authentication experience for team members."

An European Institution found the right MFA tool

"We saw OpenOTP as one of the most technically advanced MFA platforms available, that would address not only our current needs of strong authentication, but most likely those in future as well."

The Guardian needed to secure their web applications

RCDevs has helped The Guardian to secure all of the web access. Their goal of securing their resources with a personalised solution is now simpler to achieve than ever.

To request an online demo, you only have to create your account or contact us.

Online Demos are available for free to let you try RCDevs multi-factor in 5 minutes and authenticate with your mobile or Yubikey.


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