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With your digital identity based on strong authentication, your signature is
more secure than ever.

In the last few years, all businesses have been confronted with the digital era. The need to sign digitally in this modern world has given electronic signatures the means to spread all over the world and to become a requirement in some public processes.
With eSignature Online, agreements are easily handled through our platform. You can create, send, sign and manage your agreements wherever you are, on any device.

RCDevs helps you to

Sign in the Cloud or on Premise
with OpenOTP Server

Cloud with OpenOTP Server
YumiSign is our platform to sign in to the cloud. Through a modern and cutting-edge approach, we create the best digital signature experience for your agreements. YumiSign is a pre-built user-friendly interface that has access to all our signature functionalities through the cloud. With the OpenOTP Authentication Server which validates your identity and generates secure communication with your mobile, your signature is secure and compliant with the eIDAS regulation. YumiSign is considered to be secure, fast and easy, with no installation and configuration required.

API with OpenOTP Server

Using API you can integrate the signature in your own workflow and process which validates the identity via the OpenOTP server provided by RCDevs.It helps you to stay in your own environment and do very specific functions by using document management for workflow. By configuring the signature once, you are ready to use it multiple times thus making the workflow faster.

We are making the e-signature simpler and secure

This platform is designed to work as a SaaS and includes several features like:

Choice of workflow type
Mobile signature
Track document status
All documents are automatically archived
Save your signature projects as reusable template
Forms Automation
Strong Authentication
YumiSign authentication methods allow you to use your digital identity secured with MFA. As a second factor, you could use the OpenOTP mobile push to securely login to your account and start sending signature requests safely
Advanced Signature
In order to meet eIDAS requirements, YumiSign's advanced signature is based on symmetric cryptography. The user shares a cryptographic key with YumiSign (OpenOTP) when he enrolls his token. This key allows him to confirm the signature requests (transactions) he receives on his application. The digital signature made in the mobile is added in cryptographic form in the chain of digital data that the mobile sends back to OpenOTP.
Qualified electronic signature
Yumisign set up the environment to choose the qualified signature mode and to sign in to Acrobat Reader directly by connecting your qualified signature device appearing in the list of qualified electronic signature creation devices. The user will need to download the correct drivers so that their qualified device reader will allow them to connect their signing device to Acrobat and sign directly into acrobat.
When the document is signed, OpenOTP sends it back to YumiSign for signature by the platform. YumiSign then sends the document to the HSM which contains the signing certificate of the RCDevs CA and its YumiSign subCA which will sign the document before sending it back to YumiSign.
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