1.4.2 (November 9 2023
    - Fixed PKCS#12 download when creating the 5th user certificate.
    - Fixed download of an already created public certificate file.

1.4.1 (June 26 2023)
    - Domain list is hidden when only one domain is configured.
      > Note that you can use the domain's allowed application setting
        to limit the domain list per application and hide the domain input.

1.4.0 (March 20 2023)
    - Added support for WebADM v2.3 (this version requires WebADM v2.3).

1.3.0 (January 19 2023)
    - Added compatibility with WebADM 2.2.
    - Removed FIDO U2F (deprecated in flavor of FIDO2).
    - Updated the application icons.

1.2.13 (December 22 2022)
    - Added OpenOTP Web badging via self-service when the users let their
      mobile phones at home.
      > Badging features need to be configured in the application settings.
    - Added QRCode for mobile copy/paste with application passwords.
    - Removed the logo from the login page.

1.2.12 (November 1 2022)
    - Added automatic language switching based on LDAP user language.

1.2.11 (September 2 2022)
    - Added SQL audit log event types (requires WebADM >= 2.1.15).
    - Added Error SQL logs for all failed actions.

1.2.10 (April 22 2022)
    - Fixed minor issues with voice biometrics registration.
    - Prevent self-renewal of WebADM Admin certificates.
    - Fixed a minor MFA-FIDO login issue.

1.2.9 (April 22 2022)
    - Added a settings to configure new certificate expiration time.
    - Added a settings to configure new certificate features (secure e-mail
      and Microsoft SmartCard login support).
    - Uniformed the login failure messages not to disclose the login failure

1.2.8 (December 5 2021)
    - Prevent username, fullname, CN or domain to be used as password.
    - Added support for PKI login with external certificates (ex. eIDAS).
      > Requires WebADM version >= 2.1.0.
    - Added support for FIDO2 Web login with U2F-registered FIDO devices.
    - Fixed broken FIDO2 login with Apple Safari browser.

1.2.7 (September 13 2021)
    - Fixed minor issues with the OpenOTP document signing features.
    - Added support for CaDES qualified signatures to the PDF Sign feature.

1.2.6 (July 5 2021)
    - Create a logfile event for every user operation.
    - Added the PDF Sign menu allowing users to electronically sign a PDF file
      in "Advanced" mode (sealed PDF with handwritten signature) or "Qualified"
      mode (sign with an external ID card or an eIDAS signing smartcard).
      Signing requires OpenOTP v2.0 and a license with the SIGN option enabled.

1.2.5 (June 2 2021)
    - Fixed user information update failing when mobile number is empty.
    - Fixed several translation mistakes.
    - Password change does not allow using the username or domain as part of
      the new password value.

1.2.4 (May 17 2021)
    - Fixed 'Register Token' action being greyed when switching from SMS/Mail
      to 'TOKEN' OTP method.

1.2.3 (April 4 2021)
    - The 'Allowed OTP Methods' setting can now be nullable.
    - OTP methods can be changed according to the 'Allowed OTP Methods' setting
      whether OTP Management is enabled or not.
    - OpenOTP 'View My' selector changes according to the OTP method selection.
    - The 'View My' selector also proposes any registrable methods.

1.2.2 (March 9 2021)
    - Added FIDO2 PIN / Biometric user verification policies.
    - Mobile Token display name is now reduced to the user display name.
    - Added OpenOTP mobile enrolment with Token duplicate checks.
    - Removed all TiQR functionalities.
      > Your application configuration may be incorrect after upgrade if you
        enabled any TiQR setting. In this case, just edit and re-apply the
        configuration under the 'Application' menu in WebADM.

    - Added compatibility with WebADM 2.0.11.
    - Disable Application Password configs when OTP Management is disabled.

    - Added support for OpenOTP Voice Biometrics.
    - Added compatibility with WebADM v2.0.0.
    - Added support for SpanKey with FIDO/U2F devices' registration.
    - Added support for OpenOTP Max Idle Time blocking settings.

    - Added HTTP Basic Authentication support via the page login_http.php.
    - Added support for user ActiveDirectory principal names (UPN).
      > The 'Show Domains List' setting must be disabled to use UPNs.
      > Warning: When 'Show Domains List' is disabled, the domain input is now
        removed! Users must login with domain\username to force a domain name.
    - Fixed an issue when registering OTP lists.
    - Hardware Token registration requires the current OTP for validation.
    - Simplified the OTP method selector (one dropdown instead of two).

    - This update is required for WebADM version >= 1.7.6.
    - Prevent key import not matching the configured key size for SpanKey.
    - Added support for SpanKey DSA with 2048 and 4096 bit keys.
    - Fixed several wrong file permissions.

    - Added support for Client policy -based access restrictions.
    - Added support for SpanKey count-limited keys.
    - Added SSH Public Key import with copy/paste for SpanKey registration.
    - Users cannot self-configure SSH key expiration or max use.

    - Added support for WebADM v1.7 (it does not work with previous versions).
    - Added more expiration time values for Emergency OTP management.
    - Added support for Emergency OTPs with limited usage count.
    - Fixed AD account unlock not working (requires WebADM v1.6.9-2).
    - Fixed support email failing with a sendmail error.
    - Hide the OTP PIN prefix input.
    - Added German translations.

    - Added support for FIDO2 with TPM chips (ex. Apple MacBooks).
      > This option requires OpenOTP v1.4.2.
    - U2F / FIDO2 registration choice is now automatic (based on client policies).
    - Fixed Token registration when Soft Token expiration time is set to '0'.
    - Removed password policy configurations.
      > Password change is available only when PwReset is enabled and uses PwReset
        password policy settings.
      > You must edit the SelfDesk configuration and re-apply it in WebADM.
    - OTP prefix change is now available when OTP prefix is enabled in client policies.
    - Added Emergency OTP registration with configurable automatic expiration.

    - Added support for FIDO2 (CTAP and WebAuthn enrollments).
      > You need OpenOTP v1.5 with this version of the Self-Service.
    - Removed OpenOTP and TiQR custom address settings.
    - Fixed incomplete token name with QRCode enrollments.
    - Fixed Trusted U2F Devices feature not working on Chrome version >= 66.
    - Setting Allowed Self-Registration 'U2F' is replaced by 'FIDO'.
      > You may need to adjust and re-apply your configuration in WebADM!
    - Added the 'FIDO Device Management' setting section.

    - Added support for WebADM v1.6 (this version does not run on previous WebADM).
    - Added support for access restrictions based on a client policies.
    - Added SpanKey enrolment setting 'Allowed SSH Key Types' to limit the type of
SSH keys to be self-enrolled.
    - Removed OpenOTP Application Passwords without expiration (OpenOTP v1.3.7).
    - Fixed non working per-user and group policies for AllowOTPTypes, AllowRegister,
AllowTokenTypes and DefaultTokenType.

    - Added support for OpenOTP MSS login method.
    - Fixed an issue with Yubikey registration with YubiCloud.
    - Added support for newer RCDevs software Token.
    - New RCDevs Token logo image.

    - Added multilingual support (French translation for now and more to come).
    - Added password expiration notification on the home page.
    - Added support for OpenOTP contextual authentication when two-factor is enabled.
    - Device Id context uses HTTP Cookie instead of Browser fingerprint.
    - Added an option to configured the list of allowed OTP methods to be selected.
    - Allowed OTP Tokens and methods can be defined per LDAP user or group.
    - Better support for PKI user authentication via WAProxies.
    - Removed SMSCount and MailCount user statistics (for OpenOTP v1.3.3-2).

    - Added support for upcoming U2F on Firefox and Orpera browsers.
      > You need OpenOTP v1.3.2 with this version of SelfDesk.
    - Added support for the new OpenOTP Push Login methods.

    - Added a new enrolment workflow with RCDevs Software Authenticator.
    - Google Authenticator Token icon is replaced by RCDevs Authenticator.
    - Removed the possibility to configure the OTP length setting.
    - Added an option to download both the PEM and PPK SpanKey private
keys bundled in a ZIP file.

    - Added support for RCDevs SSO v1.2.x with OpenID Connect.
      > This version of SelfDesk is not compatible with the previous versions of

    - Added support for RCDevs SpanKey Server.
    - Fixed wrong display of registered OTP list size.
    - Removed the ability to configure the OTP list algorithm.
    - Removed the ability to configure application passwords's expiration.
    - Removed 'Allow OpenID' settings (uses the 'Allow Config' setting on OpenID).

    - Uses the new WAPI framework from WebADM v1.5.0.
    - Added product categorization for WebADM v1.4.5.
    - Complete facelift with new design and login workflows.
    - Added an OTP validation with HOTP and TOTP QRCode registration.
    - Added brute-force attack protection with source IP address blacklisting.

    - Remove resynchronization for Yubikeys which is not necessary.
    - Added an option to require a second login factor (OTP or U2F).
    - Many general user experience enhancements.

    - Users can optionally set friendly names or short descriptions for U2F devices.
    - U2F uses embedded javascript and does not require the Google Chrome extension.
    - When PKI management is disabled, the PKI menu is now hidden.
    - Added support for WebADM user_level configurations in webadm.conf.
    - The OpenID & SAML SSO page has been simplified.
    - OATH TOTP Token choice is prioritized over HOTP.
    - Changed default minimum password length to 6 characters.
    - Changed the Yubikey registration image to include Yubikey Nano.

    - This version is designed for WebADM v1.4 and is not compatible with v1.3.
    - The 'Allow Unused Tokens Only' setting is removed and enabled by default.
    - Added dynamic password change complexity based of new password length.
    - Added support for OATH tokens supporting MD5 algorithm (ex. RedHat FreeOTP).
    - Support form and Token download URLs are hidden if not configured.

    - Added support for OpenOTP v1.2 and FIDO U2F device management.
    - Changed Allowed Token Types and Default Token Type settings to be more specific.
      > You need to re-configure these settings if they were enabled.
    - Simplified the OTP authentication test.

    - OTP inputs do not display the OTP password (required for protecting OTP PIN).
    - With password change, user cannot set a new password equal to the previous password.
    - SMS and Mail choices are removed from the 'Allow Self-Registration' setting.
    - List choice in the 'Allow Self-Registration' setting is renamed to OTPList.
    - Added support for OpenOTP Software Token Expiration and auto re-enrollment process.
    - Added support for OpenOTP/TiQR LoginEnabled configuration.
    - Added support for TiQR 1.0.7-2 with re-designed TiQR+LDAP workflow.
    - Added support for TiQR v1.1 and RSA cryptography.
    - Added support for OpenOTP 1.1.5 and Application Passwords.
    - Passwords change respects the AD password history policy.
    - With OTP PROXY mode, OTP Type is changed to TOKEN after Token enrolment.

    - Added configurations to allow or not SMS and Mail OTP registration.
    - Added support for several Tokens enrolment with Google Authenticator.
    - Added issue URI parameter for Google Authenticator.
    - Added compatibility with OpenID/SAML WebApp v1.1.x.
    - Added compatibility with WebADM per-application session timeouts.
    - Enhanced password update forms.
    - Added Yubikey registration with WebADM Inventory (simply by pressing the Yubikey).
    - Added support for YubiCloud-based Yubikey enrolment.
    - Added a setting to prevent a user from enrolling Tokens already used by another user.
    - The Default Token Type HARDWARE is replaced by HARDWARE-OATH and HARDWARE-YUBIKEY.
      If you had configured HARDWARE, please change to one of the options after upgrade.
    - Added actions to de-activate and re-activate registered Tokens.
    - Added a new setting to allow or not user password change.
      > In previous versions, password change used the Allow User Infos Management policy.
    - Self application settings' management (OTP, TiQR, SSO, PKI) are disabled by default.
    - OpenOTP/TiQR Login Mode and OTP Prefix policies cannot be edited by users anymore.

    - New application architecture designed for WebADM v1.2.6.
    - OpenOTP, TiQR and OpenID settings are disabled when application is not present.
    - Added support for expired LDAP passwords.
    - Adapted HTML for WebADM 1.2.5-1 rendering.
    - Completely re-designed login form.
    - Changed OTP and TiQR texts to be more user-friendly.
    - Added support for WebApp authentication requiring user certificates.
    - Multiple minor other enhancements.

    - Added simple Hardware Token registration with serial numbers. This registration
      mode is highly recommended when dealing with large amounts of Hardware Tokens.
    - PIN change is now allowed without having to enable "Allow OpenOTP Management" feature.
    - Added support for OTP Prefix (PIN) management with OpenOTP v1.1.1.
    - All PIN code values are displayed as bullets.
    - Input length validations for new password, OTP prefix and PIN code.

    - Added support for OpenOTP v1.1 with multi Token and new Fallback methods.
    - Added the possibility to un-register a Token.
    - The Allow Register setting can restrict self-registration to specific Tokens.
    - Added support for users with multiple mobile numbers or email addresses.
    - Added a 'Default Token Type' setting to set the default token type in the token
      registration form.
    - Added PDF OTP list export.

    - Updated for WebADM 1.2.
    - TOKEN, LIST, LASTOTP fallback modes are allowed with any OTPType (OpenOTP 1.0.14).
    - Added SMSMode MailMode configuration (for Ondemand / Prefetch OTP).
    - Users can review all their OTP type settings without changing OTP type.
    - Added "Allowed Token Types" setting allowing to restrict the types of
      Tokens which can be registered.
    - Simplified user interface.
    - Compliance with TiQR Server 1.0.1.
    - Fixed certificate a creation problem when user has no email address.

    - Added support for TiQR Service.
    - Many enhancements.

    - Update required with WebADM-1.1.1.
    - Added RADIUS Proxy OTP Type support.
    - Added SHA256 and SHA512 key registration support for TOTP/OCRA Tokens.
    - Added support for OpenOTP 1.0.11-1.
    - Added a setting to allow Token download, registration, resync, test.
    - Added a setting to set OpenOTP logintest URL if not local.
    - Added LDAP password policy settings.
    - Added OpenOTP password list support.
    - Added TOTP resync utility.
      > OpenOTP computes the Token time offset and keeps the offset for OTP calculations.
    - Added OATH OCRA support.

    - Added RCDevs OpenID Provider management features.
    - Added Google Authenticator support with QRCode registration.
    - OpenOTP Token register enhancements.
    - Added QR Barcode-based Token key registration.
    - Added OpenOTP login test page.

    - Uses the new WebADM UI framework.

    - Added OTPFallback configuration.
    - Fixed certificate download problems.

    - Requires WebADM >= 1.0.5.
    - Minor corrections and code enhancements.
    - Text corrections.

    - Added YubiKey Tokens support.

    - Support for Mobile-OTP Software Tokens (motp.sourceforge.net).
    - PIN Code editor for MOTP.
    - Minor code enhancements.

    - Added account unblocking feature and block counter display.
    - Added PKI functionalities (user certificate management).
    - Added OpenOTP Secure Mail functionality.

    Initial SelfDesk release.