1.3.0 (January 19 2023)
    - Added compatibility with WebADM 2.2.
    - Updated the application icons.
    - Removed the XMLRPC service API.
1.2.5 (September 2 2022)
    - Added SQL audit log event types (requires WebADM >= 2.1.15).

1.2.4 (December 5 2021)
    - Added compatibility with WebADM 2.1.0.
1.2.3 (April 4 2021)
    - Added Client ID chaining with OpenOTP.
      > When OpenOTP/SpanKey sends a SMS request to SMSHub, the client ID is
        forwarded. You can also implement cross services client policies.

    - Added compatibility with WebADM 2.0.11.

    - SMSHub is now Freeware (no longer under the OpenOTP license restrictions).

    - Added RCDevs SMS Gateway (through RCDevs Cloud Services registration).
    - Fixed SMS timeout issues with MPulse SMS gateway.

    - This update is required for WebADM version >= 1.7.6.

    - Removed Orange from the default connectors
      > Please ask RCDevs for an Orange custom connector if needed.
    - Enforce TLS with peer certificate checks for any SOAP/REST APIs.
    - Added support for WebADM v1.7 (it does not work with previous versions).
    - Fixed SMS roaming issues with Clickatell and US numbers.
    - Added support for Orange Contact Everyone SMS API.
    - Added support for SMS statistics with WebADM version 1.6.5.
    - Fixed connection issues with SMPP SMS services since WebADM v1.6.
    - Added compatibility with newer cURL version WebADM v1.6.1.
    - Added support for WebADM v1.6 (this version does not run on previous WebADM).
    - Fixed SMSC fallback with configured multiple SMS providers not working.
    - Fixed failed mobile numbers containing characters '(' and ')'.
    - Re-added Mpulse SMSC.
    - Updated the SMSHub API. The new API is backward-compatible with SMSHub v1.0.
    - Added support for Mobile Signature Service (MSS). Currently only the Swisscom
      MobileID provider service is supported.
    - Updated SMS APIs for SMS requests to Clickatell, AQL, and Plivo services.
    - Added support for Clickatell Platform API.
    - Replaced Clickatell Central SOAP API with the HTTP API.
      > You need to adjust the Account ID setting if you use Clickatell Central.
    - Removed OVH and Mpulse SMSCs.
    - Allow anonymous requests (with empty login credentials) from localhost.
    - Added localized messages API compliance with WebADM v1.5.10.

    - Uses the new WAPI framework from WebADM 1.5.0.
    - Added product categorization for WebADM v1.4.5.
    - SMS Sender ID can contain any printable characters.
    - Added error IDs to the error reponses.
    - Added support for WebADM service protocol API version checking.
    - Added support for WebADM user_level configurations in webadm.conf.
    - Fixed a SOAP array issue preventing sending SMS for users with multiple numbers.
    - This version is designed for WebADM v1.4 and is not compatbile with v1.3.
    - Added support for WebADM 1.4 admin roles for admin pages and manager methods.
    - Changed the SOAP encoding to RPC-literal for better compatibility with languages.
      > The API remains fully compatible the previous RPC-encoded format.
    - Fixed international mobile number formating issues.
    - Send SMS action can be used on group members (via group actions).
    - Added an optional setting to allow per-SMSC retries.
    - Added support for locally-connected phone devices with the Gnokii tool.
    - Fixed a regression bug with SMPP connections (introduced from version 1.0.9).
    - Removed the settings to enable/disable status requests.
    - All the Web APIs support the 'lang' HTTP-GET parameter to force a language code.
      > Forcing a language overrides the user language defined in a language attribute.
    - Added support for national mobile phone numbers with Clickatell.
    - Added support for Plivo online SMS service (http://www.plivo.com/).
    - New aplication architecture designed for WebADM v1.2.6.
    - First SMS Gateway configuration is now optional. It can also be disabled.
    - Added detection of expired Active Directory passwords.
    - Fixed error "Access to undeclared static property: SocketTransport".
    - JSON API can be used in restful mode.
    - Better support for IPv6 SMPP services.

    - Added support for location-based restriction in WebADM 1.2.3.
    - Added 'source' field to the API (please update your client implementations).
    - Added location-based SMSC priorities.
    - Changed 'SessionExistsMessage' setting name to 'TimerExistsMessage'.
    - Fixed a problem with SMPP_TON set wrong when using GenericSMPP gateways.
    - Fixed an issue when IPv6 network is enabled for reaching the SMS gateway.

    - Fixed a wrong SOAP parameter name in the SMSHub WSDL file.
      > Please update OpenOTP to 1.0.16-2 with this version of SMSHub.
    - Fixed issues with GenericSMPP SMS gateways.
    - Added support for sending unicode messages.
      When the setting 'Allow Unicode SMS' is enabled, SMSHub will handle the SMS
      encoding automatically depending on the message content.
      This feature is currently not supported with AQL and Mpulse SMSCs.
    - Added detection of (ADDR_TON & ADDR_NPI) for short numbers with GenericSMPP.
    - Fixed JSON API not working correctly.
    - Added XML-RPC API.

    - SMSHub API supports sending messages to multiple recipients.
      > The API has been modified. Be sure to update your clients accordingly.
      > This SMSHub version requires OpenOTP version >= 1.0.16.
    - Added support for newer WebADM 1.2.1 licensing.
    - Handle SMS concatenation for messages larger than 140 characters.
    - Dropped unsupported OpenMarket connector.
    - Custom SMSC connectors are now stored in the smshub/smsc/ directory.
      > The upgrade automatically move the old custom scripts to the new location.
    - Updated for WebADM 1.2.
    - Added JSON-RPC 2.0 API.
    - Added support for WebADM 1.2.x Manager interface.
    - Added an Admin action to allow sending SMS to users from WebADM.

    - Added OVH (http://www.ovh.com) and Mpulse (http://www.mpulse.eu) SMSCs.
    - Added JSON Web service API.
    - Fixed a problem with SMS roaming to USA via Clickatell.
    - Added per-SMSC spooling for SMSCs not supporting many concurrent connections.
    - Fixed a mobile number formating problem with custom SMSC.

    - Removed userSend method. Instead, smshubSend can now work with static
      credentials or LDAP backend.
      > SMSHub can supports per-client username and password.
      > SMSHub config has to be updated in WebADM for this version.
    - Fixed Trust domain requests forwading issues.
    - Added a web service setting to enable per-request user settings.

    - SMSCURL setting is renamed to SMSAddress to include SMPP server addresses.
    - Added more request parameter checks and error messages.
    - Added Generic SMPP-TR gateway support.
    - Minor fixes for smshubUserSend method.

    - Added account locked message.
    - Added more user setting consistency checks.
    - User data values are hidden in SOAP log.
    - Multiple code corrections.
    - Supports up to 4 custom SMSCs.
    - Added AQL SMSC support.
    - Added SMSC prioritization.
    - Added SMSC routing policy with mobile number prefixes.
    - Added SOAP fault handling.

    - Requires WebADM >= 1.0.5.
    - Added WebADM Trust Domains support.
    - Fixed an minor error handling problem.

    Initial SMSHub release