• RCDevs AfterWork Event

    Meeting partners and clients at RCDevs Afterwork. RCDevs CEO Charly Rohart giving a presentation to a full house on latest trends in of Multi-Factor Authentication - logging into Macbook with OpenOTP Token and proximity access over bluetooth drawing attention.

  • GDPR recommends two-factor authentication for access to systems that process personal data.

    GDPR has now been in effect for few months, which has been very evident from the amount compliance statements and tick boxes we all must review to access online services. While informing users about data processing, requesting their consent and complying with it is important,

  • Remote Access: The Hidden Weak Spot for Cyberattacks, MFA To further enhance security

    Many of today’s massive data breaches are linked to compromised credentials belonging to remote workers, third parties, and outsourced IT contractors. While tele-work and outsourced services have become common place in the commercial and public sector, organizations still have work to do when it comes

  • Secure your WiFi with RCDevs

    Many WiFi networks rely on static passwords, which are inherently insecure, as they can leak outside of the organisation and cannot be revoked individually. RCDevs now has a better solution to control access to WiFi networks, using user certificates with EAP-TLS security protocol.

  • OpenOTP is now FIDO2 compliant.

    As a proof of ongoing work towards becoming industry leader in supporting open authentication standards, RCDevs is now proud to announce support for FIDO2 in its awards winning OpenOTP MFA platform.

  • RCDevs in the Luxembourg Market

    RCDevs has rapidly grown its reputation in Luxembourg in the last year and concluded many local deals in various sectors. This includes several European institutions, banks, investment funds and major government / public sector services.

  • RCDevs SpanKey2 Ready for Sale

    The new RCDevs' SpanKey solution is now ready for sale. SpanKey is a client-server solution which provides seamless AD accounts' integration into your Linux environments, SSH access without key distribution and user session recording. SpanKey is licensed per server and packages are sold on RCDevs'

  • FIDO Alliance Expands Authenticator Certifications

    The FIDO Alliance has expanded its certification program to include multi-level security certifications for FIDO authenticators (such as physical security keys and biometrics).

  • First enterprise VPN appliance to support the FIDO standard!

    MFA-VPN is the first enterprise VPN appliance to support the FIDO standard! As such, MFA-VPN can optionally authenticate users with Yubikey U2F devices.  By combining OpenOTP flexible OTP methods and FIDO-U2F, MFA-VPN is also the world’s most advanced VPN server in terms of strong authentication

  • Swipe to login, tap to accept or push to login, the de-facto two-factor login of today has many names.

    As it now stands, any company with a web service can easily inaugurate two factor, without being pulled into myriad of obstacles lurking in shadows of corporate identity and access. There aren’t great many myriads around what in technical terms is called push login, a