• Cloud Security Alliance new threats list arrived

    Cloud Security Alliance has unveiled its Top Threats to Cloud Computing: Egregious Eleven report, which lists the top 11 cybersecurity problems facing cloud computing users.

  • A NATO agency Appoints RCDevs to secure critical resources with MFA

    RCDevs will provides authentication schemes for NATO Domain users

  • We are proud to be in good company

    We are proud to be in good company in the 2019 Luxembourg Fintech map released earlier by the LHoFT

  • Valentin Freiburger is our new Sales specialist

    It's an incredible month of growth for our sales team, as we are pleased to announce that Valentin Freiburger is joining the sales team as sales specialist

  • Could Federated Identity Management become a standard?

    Identity federation links a user's identity across multiple security domains, each with its own identity management system. When two domains are federated, the user can authenticate to one domain and then access the resources in the other domain without having to authenticate a second

  • Ransomware : Asco industries victim of an attack

    Aircraft equipment manufacturer ASCO Industries, was victom of a ransomeware. Ransomware is the fastest growing attack-vector targeting all sorts of companies, institutions and organizations. Ransomware is a type of malware that accesses a victim’s files, locks and encrypts them and then demands the victim to

  • Why NSA is taking BlueKeep seriously?

    Microsoft has released a patch to fill the vulnerability BlueKeep for Windows 7 but also, is unusual, Windows XP. This flaw is taken very seriously to the point of getting out of hinges the US National Security Agency (NSA).

  • Strong Customer Authentication & digital fingerprint fraud?

    The banking industry and online merchants are fighting against fraud by developing fraud detection systems that are increasingly subtle and complex.

  • PSD2: Where are the French banks with their APIs?

    The world of banks is changing and the European Institutions are leading this revolution, but we decided to ask ourselves a simple question: are banks following this movement? We will first take a look at the French banking system

  • Google’s Titan security key is vulnerable in Bluetooth

    This Wednesday, May 15, the firm reveals on its security blog that a security breach had been discovered on the Bluetooth version of the security keys Titan Low Energy (BLE) and proposes to replace the defective units