• 50 Essential Cyber Security Facts For Business Owners

    The worldwide cybersecurity market is expected to reach $167 billion in 2019, and it is only going to grow larger from there, given the number of attacks and the amount of wealth stored online.

  • RCDEVS and FEITIAN announced a partnership

    RCDevs SA, a Luxembourg based enterprise authentication company and Feitian Technologies (SZSE: 300386), the leading supplier of user authentication and transaction security devices, today announced a partnership to provide combined solutions to secure Enterprise access.

  • Android officially adopts FIDO2 authentication standard as alternative to passwords

    Google’s Android operating system is now certified to employ the FIDO2 open authentication standard, a development that could help owners of more than a billion Android devices phase out the use of passwords when logging in to online services.

  • Meet RCDevs at Infosecurity Belgium

    The IT-fair Infosecurity.be is combined with Data & Cloud Expo back in Brussels Expo! You can gain within 2 days new inspiration, information and expand your network en meet new innovations and the latest developments in the IT-industry.

  • Reality check with MFA in Cloud

    Cloud is a great thing to have, an endless source of computing power at anyone’s finger tips, a relentless work horse on which to offload nearly any task, at any time and from anywhere. But as it goes with basically anything in IT landscape, cloud

  • OpenOTP now supports FIDO2 with TouchID

    RCDevs has released a new OpenOTP version supporting the FIDO2 authentication standard in addition to the previously supported FIDO1/U2F. FIDO2 builds on and improves U2F by incorporating the World Wide Web Consortium’s (W3C) webAuthn standard. This will further improve the  browser compatibility and provide support PIN codes, biometric

  • U.S. declines to sign cybersecurity pact

    The U.S. Monday joined Russia, North Korea and China in declining to sign a cybersecurity pact supported by 50 countries and aimed at fighting both cyberwarfare and cybercrime.

  • RCDevs AfterWork Event

    Meeting partners and clients at RCDevs Afterwork. RCDevs CEO Charly Rohart giving a presentation to a full house on latest trends in of Multi-Factor Authentication - logging into Macbook with OpenOTP Token and proximity access over bluetooth drawing attention.

  • GDPR recommends two-factor authentication for access to systems that process personal data.

    GDPR has now been in effect for few months, which has been very evident from the amount compliance statements and tick boxes we all must review to access online services. While informing users about data processing, requesting their consent and complying with it is important,

  • Remote Access: The Hidden Weak Spot for Cyberattacks, MFA To further enhance security

    Many of today’s massive data breaches are linked to compromised credentials belonging to remote workers, third parties, and outsourced IT contractors. While tele-work and outsourced services have become common place in the commercial and public sector, organizations still have work to do when it comes