RCDevs extends his free offer to all hospitals with no limit on the number of users during the Covid 19 period

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RCDevs extends his free offer to all hospitals with no limit on the number of users during the Covid 19 period

More than 300,000 people infected in 171 countries, more than 14,000 dead and almost 1 billion humans called to contain themselves: the Covid-19 pandemic is putting pressure on health services worldwide. This crisis situation doesn’t prevent hackers from stepping up attacks on hospitals.

Pressured by the influx of patients from Covid-19, healthcare facilities cannot afford a crippling cyber attack. However, the pirates intend to exploit their current but also structural fragility. Strengthened by this observation RCDevs has decided to join the solidarity movements that are flourishing in all countries and to offer hospitals his freeware beyond the normal 40 users limitation.

State of play for the health sector

The Covid-19 Cyber Threat Coalition (a group of like-minded security specialists) finds the majority of security pros have been targeted by cyber criminals exploiting the coronavirus pandemic, and adds to warnings of increased activity targeting the health sector.
The Group said that the most common coronavirus threats were credential phishing (33%), scams (30%) and malicious documents (18%). These results suggested that cyber criminals are taking advantage of standard patterns of attack and have simply rebranded them to take advantage of the crisis. This has been borne out by many reports from various suppliers and industry bodies in recent weeks.(

While there’s been an increase in social engineering attacks amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Microsoft said it’s seen evidence of more sophisticated and dangerous threat activity, which could put hospitals and healthcare organizations in jeopardy at a critical time.

In France too, the ANSSI (National Agency for Security of Information Systems) warns of a resurgence of cyberattacks. According to L’Express magazine, the Assistance Publique-Hôpitaux de Paris (AP-HP) was the target of a computer attack on March 22, 2020.

In Spain the Policía Nacional has issued a warning that the “entire computer system of Spain’s hospitals” is being targeted in a cyber-attack which uses a massive email campaign directed at Spanish healthcare workers, with emails said to contain a “very dangerous and malicious virus”. (

How can RCDevs helps Hospitals?

RCDevs is an award winning security company specialized in next-generation multi-factor authentication and PKI. Our products are suitable to protect you against the cyber attack.
From the beginning we wanted to provide our expertise and products to the whole Internet community. Our complete enterprise security solution should cover the needs for a majority of companies, and organizations. We think internet security is a major concern today and the COVID-19 crisis tend to prove it. It is for this reason that we have decided to extend the offer for free for hospitals beyond 40 users.
Simple and powerful solutions for everyone will bring value to the global concern of Internet security. You can rely on our security specialists to assist and guide you through the installation: By securing your most important assets, RCDevs will bring you peace of mind and serenity, so you could focus on fighting against the virus and saving lives.

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