CyberSecurity and the Fourth Industrial Revolution

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CyberSecurity and the Fourth Industrial Revolution

The fourth Industrial Revolution also known as Digital Transformation is the era where technology becomes increasingly inseparable from business functions. With the future of business increasingly driven by smart things, applications, and digital services that use data for transformational purposes, this observation led many Industrialists to say CyberSecurity is the guardian of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Moreover, now due to an increase in work from home policy. But the major question is what do the Industrialists think about the data security and what do we do now?

Market Analysis

According to The World Economic Forum, Cyberattacks feature among the top five risks in 27 economies. Consequently, it also assumes that possible damage brought about by crimes in cyberspace could amount to $445 billion.

68% of C-suite leaders globally say Data Security is the major concern in the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Source: Quadrant Strategies, July 2020

With constant global threat landscape adapting, evolving, and growing, prompting 9 in 10 global IT decision-makers to say that application and data security is their top IT concern.

What You Do Now?

Becoming the Fourth Industrial Revolution ready without the proper cybersecurity controls in place could put your company at a grave disadvantage. Practicing business-driven cybersecurity to protect these new technologies will help prevent the violation of your customers’ peace of mind and trust—elements that should always be at the forefront. 

It is highly recommended to take a business-focused approach to cybersecurity. By first understanding the company: its structure, the business model, and what its business operations include. From there, identify the key components and activities that deliver your company’s unique value proposition. Finally choosing the right CyberSecurity Solution and also later rebalancing it if needed.

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