IAM Solution- On-Premise, Hybrid and Dedicated Cloud Environment

IAM Solution: On-Premise, Hybrid and Dedicated Cloud Environment

Identity Management

IAM Solution: On-Premise, Hybrid and Dedicated Cloud Environment

Identity and Access Management(IAM Solution) helps to manage digital identities and to control user access to critical information within organizations whether it is an On-Premise, Hybrid, or Cloud Environment.

On-Premise IAM Solution

On-Premise IAM Solution is installed in your infrastructure and you have complete control on servers.

Advantages of On-Premise Solutions:


On-Premise Identity and Access Management is very private and can not be accessible from anywhere other than the internal network.

2)Works independently

On-premise solutions can operate without external network access. If the internet goes down, an on-premise solution still functions, and in fact, it can function even if the entirety of the company network is disconnected from the internet. With access to a WAN, an on-premise solution won’t just be more inherently protected, but it will also be faster.

Cloud IAM Solution

A majority of companies rely on cloud services and applications provided in SaaS by third-party vendors. It generally provides federation mechanisms allowing you to use your corporate user identities and credentials for authentication purposes and access rights.

Cloud Identity and Access Management solutions generally support different kinds of protocols that can be used for user authentication (LDAP, Radius, Kerberos, etc) and manage user’s identity (identities are generally stored in the LDAP backend). The use of local/cloud identities for cloud/in-house web applications generally involves federation mechanisms like SAML, OpenID-Connect, etc.

SAML Identity Provider product generally supports two working modes: 

-The service provider application that redirects the users to your corporate authentication services 

-The users log on to the corporate portal first. Here the SSO portal proposes a list of Cloud applications. The user clicks the application’s icon to instantly log on to the target application.

Hybrid IAM Solution

Hybrid IAM enables enterprises to run, unify, and secure all digital identities and their accesses with a central and unique platform in a hybrid IT environment.

The hybrid cloud gives organizations the choice to place their applications and data where they fit best, including in their own data centers.


Hybrid deployments include the benefits of both the cloud and on-premises. They bring innovation, speed, storage, and scalability of the cloud, and regulatory compliance, performance, and data gravity of on-premises in a single platter.

Organizations that operate with workloads distributed among multiple data centers and the cloud need to keep pace with emerging trends in digital transformation and IT security. Hybrid cloud deployment can be beneficial as it can effectively enhance performance, flexibility, and security.

RCDevs and IAM Solutions

RCDevs' IAM Solution

RCDevs supports both in-house and cloud deployment for IAM Security Solution.

RCDevs OpenID and SAML Identity Provider (IDP) work both with OpenOTP and tiqr strong authentication back-ends. PKI with user certification is supported too.

Listing some of the features provided by RCDevs IAM Solutions:
-Access Certification
-Compliance Management
-Multi-factor Authentication
-Password Management
-Privileged account Management
-Self- Service Access Request
-Single Sign On

RCDevs is free for up to 40 users and 5 SpanKey hosts, as well as has enterprise and signature editions for more usage. 

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