Identity and Access Management

Identity & Access Management

through Federation and Single Sign-On

For enterprises in today’s world, federation means Web-based Single-Sign-On (SSO) over corporate and Cloud applications. Through our WebADM platform, our federation solutions provide enterprise-grade SSO features combined with multi-factor authentication. A win-win for end-users and security!
RCDevs' IAM Solution

WebADM: the IAM Core Component of RCDevs Security Platform

RCDevs Security Platform is a self-sufficient Enterprise IAM solution that relies on your ActiveDirectory/LDAP user stores and provides fine-grained access policies for all your applications.

– Supported Applications include VPNs, Citrix, Wifi, Websites, Federated Apps (via SAML, OpenID-Connect or OAuth2) and even legacy applications which generally do not support MFA by design.

– RCDevs’ IAM includes Federation Services with its own Identity Provider (IdP) and plugins for ADFS, where policies are applied per federated application (service providers).

– Centralized Security Audit with SQL-based logging and Searchable Log Viewer is included and supports most SIEM integrations.
Security logs are geo-localized for all RCDevs integrations. Dynamic geofencing and IP-based phishing protections are included.

RCDevs OpenOTP and SpanKey solutions play a major role in the RCDevs IAM, providing the foundations for Multi-Factor access and Privileged Access Management (PAM) over your IT Resources (Enterprise or Cloud).


WebADM is the core framework component and application hosting container for all RCDevs’ Web Services (OpenOTP, SMSHub, etc…) and end-user WebApps (User Self Service Desk, Self Token Registration, OpenID & SAML IdP, etc…).
Contextual Security Controls
Contextual security controls with policies, you can set restrictions per network, group, domain, time, user, etc...
APIs and Self-Service Management
Powerful APIs and Self-Service management for automation (ex. mass MFA enrollment), user/group provisioning, dynamic security enforcement and more. Self-Services are included for self account management, MFA / mobile activation, password reset and more.

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