RCDevs' OpenOTP Token vs Google Authenticator

RCDevs’ OpenOTP Token vs Google Authenticator


RCDevs’ OpenOTP Token vs Google Authenticator

RCDevs’ OpenOTP Token and Google Authenticator both provide 2FA i.e. Second Factor Authentication for your servers and accounts. They generate a time-dependent six-digit code, which you enter after you submit your username and password.

Google Authenticator is not bad at providing necessary second-factor protection, for sure. But few features which we find important and useful are missing in Google Authenticator.

 Let us clarify RCDevs’ OpenOTP Token vs Google Authenticator:

Google Authenticator alternative

1)Push Notification

It accepts or denies an Authentication Request. It is the most secure, and user-friendly way to deliver 2FA. It’s a push notification triggered solution for a streamlined user experience with advanced protection. Google Authenticator has no push notification capability.

2)Phishing Protection

Phishing protection uses your location to prevent phishing attacks. If a phishing attack is suspected, the OpenOTP Token application will prompt you with a screen like below. Accordingly, you can approve or reject the request.

Phishing Protection

3)Voice Biometrics Authentication

Voice biometrics authentication is the method of using a person’s voice as a unique identifying biological characteristic in order to authenticate them. RCDevs’ voice biometrics authentication provides a unique combination of very high security and a natural user experience that works across all channels for 2FA. Though such a feature is still not very clear in google authenticator.

4)An extra layer of protection

With RCDevs’ OpenOTP Token you can add an extra layer of security in your app with biometrics and pin code which is missing in google authenticator.

5)Spoken OTP

RCDevs’ OpenOTP Token can read the OTP aloud if you wish to, which makes your work faster and more efficient. 

How to move from google authenticator to OpenOTP token?

RCDevs’ OpenOTP Token and Google authenticator both work on OATH Event-based (HOTP) & Time-based (TOTP). So, all process of using OpenOTP Token is almost the same and you can use the app where ever you use Google Authenticator.

Just download the app for free ( ios and android) – scan the QR Code and use them with the OpenOTP token even though it says GAUTH. 

It’s that simple.

So, now you understand the difference and it’s time for you to decide whether you want those extra features or not.