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RCDevs is an award winning security company specialized in next-generation multi-factor authentication and PKI. RCDevs is building its growing reputation over high-quality software and its customers’ entire satisfaction. RCDevs provides cutting-edge solutions in world-wide to customers ranging from SMEs to large corporations in the IT, financial, healthcare and government sectors.
What is our goal?
RCDevs’ goal is to ensure that customers requiring IT security get cost-effective leading technology into their infrastructure with a professional service. We are seeking for business partners capable of serving customers with our solutions with the same objectives. RCDevs provides its partners with high-security, easy-to-implement and cost-effective solutions enabling them to become regional market leaders in mobile security solutions.
Why are we different ?
Unlike other solutions, OpenOTP Security Suite is not a standalone Multi-Factor Authentication server, but rather a modular Identity and Access Management platform, featuring centralized security audit and pluggable IAM modules which can be individually tuned to address even the most complex Enterprise security requirements.

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