Why choose OpenOTP

Why choose OpenOTP?

Deploy any authentication method with one solution
Discover the power of OpenOTP Security Suite™

The most comprehensive Multi-Factor Authentication Solution

RCDevs is an award-winning Software company providing security solutions designed for modern enterprise technologies and suited for SMEs to large corporations. RCDevs’ solutions are high-quality, cost-effective and trusted by thousands of companies in all businesses, including fortune 100 companies. Choosing RCDevs Two-Factor Authentication Server helps to optimize your IT investments in a very efficient and easy-to-implement way!
How can we help your business?
OpenOTP can be installed on any Linux box (a virtual or real server). The Linux platform has been chosen for its robustness, security and maintenaibility. OpenOTP provides the highest level of functionality available in the sector. Yet our engineers designed it focussing on high security, performance, simplicity and intuitivity. As a result, OpenOTP is the only solution with this level of functionality, that is being successfully installed and integrated by hundreds of companies without requiring any additional assistance.
What are the advantages of OpenOTP Security Suite?
Our WebADM management software provides the most advanced centralized Web interface to managing your security applications, authentication policies, users, groups and domains. All the configuration and management relies on WebADM. It has been designed for maximum ease of use and intuitively, to abstract the software's complexity.
How working process is simplified?
Our products enhance your existing systems and applications with flexible strong authentication, fine-grained access control management, Single-Sign-On and secure transactions. Our unique platform integrates seamlessly into your IT infrastructure and enables your centrally-managed security control center.