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Simple and Secured One-Tap Authentication, user friendly interface.

OpenOTP Token is a mobile authenticator solution which provides secure access for websites, VPNs, Citrix, Cloud Apps, Windows, Linux, SAML, OpenID, Wifi and much more. You can even e-sign with the app which is secured and compliant by law. With OpenOTP Authentication Server, it provides the most advanced user authentication system supporting simple registration with QR Code scan, Software Token based on OATH standards and Approve/Deny login with push notifications.
RCDevs helps you to

Secure your Authentication

RCDevs’ mobile authenticator app is an easy, one-tap authentication where users can quickly verify their identity by approving push notifications before accessing applications.

OpenOTP Token App provide OATH Event-based (HOTP) and Time-based (TOTP) passcode. So, users can also type into their login prompt to complete the two-factor authentication process. It works with Apple iOS and Google Android.

Main features

Push Notification
It accepts or denies an Authentication Request. It is the most secure, and user-friendly way to deliver 2FA. It’s a push notification triggered solution for a streamlined user experience with advanced protection.
Mobile e-signature
Use your mobile to receive documents that you can e-sign anywhere, at any time. With your digital identity and RCDevs’ strong authentication, your signature is more secure than ever. It is also recognized by all jurisdictions and complies with European regulations.
Phishing Protection
Phishing protection uses your location to prevent phishing attacks. If a phishing attack is suspected, the OpenOTP Token application will prompt you with the location details. Accordingly, you can approve or reject the request.
Voice Biometrics
RCDevs’ voice biometrics authentication provides a unique combination of very high security and a natural user experience that works across all channels for 2FA.
Touch ID and Pin Protection
You can add an extra layer of security in your app with biometrics and pin code to make it extra secure.

Key features

Simple enrollment with QR scan on self-services
OTP with OATH HOTP and TOTP standards
Encrypted mobile storage
Login Request history
Offline Mode with OpenOTP Windows Credential Provider
OTP PIN prefix
Secure QRCode with online secret exchange
Compatible with

RCDevs’ OpenOTP Token work on OATH Event-based (HOTP) & Time-based (TOTP).

SAML and OpenID Authentication with mobile App
RCDevs provides a Web SSO Identity Provider application (IdP) that supports SAMLv2 and OpenID-Connect standards.
Learn more.
Local and RDP Authentication for Windows Client and Severs
Authenticate Windows logon and remote access with Remote Desktop (RDP login) and Terminal Services. Our latest versions of OpenOTP CP support both OTP and U2F/FIDO2 authentication mechanisms. With OpenOTP Token app, simply login push and offline modes are supported.
Windows Local Users and Computers Out Of Domain documentation
Windows Credential Provider documentation
Authenticate Wired and Wireless Network
Users with OpenOTP Token App can authenticate to WIFI by simply pressing “Accept” on the login that was pushed to their mobile.
Client Configuration documentation
UNIX and LINUX Authentication
All UNIX services like SSH, FTP, SMTP, etc. rely on PAM. RCDevs provides a PAM module for OpenOTP Server which implements the authorization and authentication in a PAM process via OpenOTP Token App.
PAM documentation
MAC OSX Authentication
The OpenOTP Credential Provider for Mac OSX is a component that integrates the RCDevs OpenOTP one-time password authentication into the Mac OSX login process. Both online and offline authentication is possible.
MAC OSX documentation
Use OpenOTP Token App where ever you use Google Authenticator
RCDevs’ OpenOTP Token and Google authenticator both work on OATH Event-based (HOTP) & Time-based (TOTP). So, all process of using OpenOTP Token is almost the same and you can use the app where ever you use Google Authenticator.

How to configure OpenOTP Token App

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Authentication methods

Our solution for VPNs provides Two-Factor with all OpenOTP One-Time Password methods:
RCDevs' OpenOTP Token vs Google Authenticator

RCDevs’ OpenOTP Token VS Google Authenticator

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