Cloud Applications

Cloud Applications

MFA-IAM for SAML2 – OpenID-Connect & OAuth2 applications

Nowadays, most companies rely on Cloud services & SaaS applications provided by third-party vendors to run their business.
Securing this type of access is of the upmost importance.

MFA-IAM for SAML2, OpenID-Connect, and OAuth2 applications is an essential component for ensuring robust security and access control across diverse digital environments, providing organizations with the confidence that their data and resources are protected against unauthorized access and breaches.
SaaS applications such as SalesForce for ERPs or SugarCRM for CRMs, along with essential IT facilities like email services, websites, and presentation and conference tools, typically offer federation mechanisms. These mechanisms enable the utilization of corporate user identities and credentials for authentication and access rights management.
To further bolster security, integrating Passwordless MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication) into your cloud applications is an effective strategy. OpenOTP Security Suite offers seamless integration for Passwordless MFA, ensuring an added layer of protection for your organization’s digital assets. It’s worth noting that OpenOTP is fully compatible with Passkeys, making the implementation process streamlined and efficient.

RCDevs helps you

Extend Federation for

Cloud ERP, CRM, Conferences…

MFA-IAM for SAML2 - OpenID-Connect & OAuth2 applications

RCDevs supports any software with SAML, OPENID CONNECT
or OAuth2.

The RCDevs’ Federation solution supports Cloud applications and Google Apps by supporting the SAML federation standard, OpenID Connect or OAuth2.

Our SAML Identity Provider product supports two working modes: ‘POST redirects’ where the service provider application redirects the users to your corporate RCDevs authentication services and the ‘IdP-initiated login mode’ where the users log on the corporate portal first (Passwordless available).
In this second mode, the SSO portal offers a list of Cloud applications. The user clicks the application’s icon to instantly log on to the target application.

Mixed OTP & FIDO2 Login

SAML-compliant applications support both OTP with all OpenOTP One-Time-Password (OTP) methods and FIDO2-Passkeys signed authentication.

Provided that your users are enabled with either OTP Tokens, Yubikey SMS or FIDO2 devices (100% compatible with Passkeys), the authentication process proposes all supported authentication method.

RCDevs is currently the only solution which provides mixed OTP and FIDO2 for SAML services providers.

Key features

Supports common Cloud applications (CRM, ERP, Conference…)
Supports SAML 2.0 AuthnRequests and logoutRequests
Supports IdP-initiated SAML requests for Cloud SSO
Returns group memberships and configurable user attributes
Very easy configuration for corporate SAML with metadata URL
Supports LDAP, OTP and LDAP+OTP login modes
Uses all RCDevs authentication backends (OTP, U2F, TiQR)
Supports OTP with OATH, MobileOTP, SMSOTP, MailOTP, Yubikey
Supports full PKI authentication with client certificates
Compatible with

Any Software with SAML or OpenID Connect

Azure and Office 365
Amazon Web Services
GotoMeeting, GoToTraining, GoToAssis, GoToWebinar
SAML Zimbra
Google Apps
Amazon QuickSight
google apps
azure office 365
Amazon Quicksight
See how simple it is to integrate OpenOTP with Cloud Applications

Choose the method that best suits you

Authentication Methods

RCDevs’ IAM-MFA Cybersecurity Solutions Compatible with Strong Authentication Login Technologies


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